There will be an exclusive preview screening of the latest Troma Team production Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1, directed by Lloyd Kaufman, as part of a double-feature with Troma’s original 1986 classic Class of Nuke ‘Em High at the Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Pl, London, on Sunday, June 30th, at 4PM! Troma President and director Lloyd Kaufman will appear in-person for a Q&A and meet and greet with fans. Unlike other celebrities, Kaufman will sign any piece of Troma-bilia for FREE!

Troma Entertainment is making Kaufman available in London for interviews and media appearances June 24-July 2nd. Please contact to set up an interview.  Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1 is being theatrically released by Starz/Anchor Bay in October, and there are a limited number of tickets.

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Free Independent Film, Art, and Performance Festival, June 22nd!


June 7, 2013, Detroit, MI – TromaDance Detroit, Michigan’s only free independent film festival, is coming to the Tangent Gallery on Saturday, June 22, from 2PM-2AM. The TromaDance film festival in Asbury Park New Jersey, is dedicated to advancing independent art worldwide “Congratulations to Mike Hartman and all the TromaDance Detroit volunteers for spreading the TromaDance message that art should be shared” said Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of TromaDance, now in its 14th year. The movement continues with TromaDance Film Festivals in New Mexico, Canada, the UK, and now Detroit.

TromaDance is the first film festival wholeheartedly devoted to filmmakers and fans. There is no fee for filmmakers to submit a film. Entrance to all screenings is free and open to the public. Films, panels, and parties are open to one and all. The organizers of TromaDance believe films are meant to be seen, especially the work of new filmmakers. Art, in all its forms, is for the people!

Founded by Michigan filmmakers, Mike Hartman (President of Silver Bullet Pictures) and Terence Cover, TromaDance Detroit offers a full day of incredible independent cinema, art, and performance from around the world. The festival will take place on June 22 at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit. Featuring over 13 hours of programming, the festival includes 2 feature films and over 20 short subjects. Highlights from the festival include the feature length films PROBLEM SOLVING THE REPUBLIC, AND I.B.S. TromaDance Detroit will feature a gallery of 2D and 3D art by local artists, and a performance schedule that includes burlesque and trapeze artists, comedians, and an after party featuring Apocalypse Theatre.

Mike Hartman, Terence Cover, and Lloyd Kaufman have all dedicated their lives to the advancement of independent art. Their most recent collaborations have been the feature films HEAVY MENTAL, and BLOOD ORGY AT BEAVER LAKE .

A complete TromaDance Detroit schedule and film trailers can be found at at www.tromadancedetroit.comLloyd Kaufman is available for press interviews.

 TromaDance Detroit

When: Sat. June 22, 2013.  Doors open at 2pm show ends at 2am

Where: The Tangent Gallery 715 EAST MILWAUKEE, DETROIT, MI 48202

Admission: $0 Free!

To learn more about TromaDance Detroit please contact:

Mike Hartman, TromaDance Detroit Director

1302 Irving Ave. Suite 104 Royal Oak, Mi 48067

Office: (248) 850-3774

Cell: (586)-596-9489

TromaDance Detroit Schedule:

2:00pm Meet and greet with filmmakers and artists

3:00pm Short Film Block #1 (13 films) 

4:45pm Montag & Marbles (Skit Comedy) 

5:00pm Mondo Schlocko (25min)

5:30pm Feature Film: I.B.S 

6:45pm Burlesque show featuring Sadie Sparkles 

7:00pm Short Film Block #2 (11 films)

8:45pm Trapeze artist Lorelei Skye 

9:00pm Feature Film: Problem Solving the Republic 

10:30pm after party begins 

12:00am Apocalypse Theatre

2:00am Close

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Read What The Press Had To Say About “Occupy Cannes”

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Review of Mr. Bricks

“When people usually think of musicals, heavy metal music is not something that would come to anyone’s mind. Especially when the lead actor has a tattoo that covers almost 95% of his face. But as I have learned with most independent films, never judge a movie…”READ MORE

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Reviews of The Taint

“If you haven’t heard about Troma’s most recent film THE TAINT, just stop reading and go watch the trailer. Then come back and read the rest.  The water is tainted. The Taint poisons the minds of men.  It turns them…” READ MORE

“When I was a kid, I remember the place to hear about amazing movies was at school; either on the playground at recess or waiting in line in the cafeteria at lunch. I heard about the raunchiness of Porky’s, the awesomeness of Conan the Barbarian and how scary Halloween II really is. Now, while not every film can live up to the…” READ MORE


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Cannes Review: Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1

Cannes Confidential – The Age

Gunman interrupts live Cannes TV interview with Christopher Waltz



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Review of Cars 3

“Cars III is not the sequel to the popular Pixar film, to my knowledge I am not sure if it is even a sequel to any film. Troma seems to know it hit a goldmine with Astron 6 and their vision so it seems to be spreading its wings further out and finding other old school gems that may not have made a big mark but got an internet community talking via social media or youtube. Bobby Hacker right now is one of those talents that people are buzzing about, but really not sure why. But, clearly his involvement with Birdemic 2 got Troma…”  READ MORE

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The Troma Team arrived at the Cannes Film Festival, which marks the beginning of the Occupy Cannes Movement and the making of Troma’s Occupy Cannes documentary.   Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman exclaimed “The Occupy Cannes team has arrived at the Cannes Film Festival to fight for the rights of all independent artists.”

The Troma Team will hold two screenings of Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume One at Cannes; a secret screening on Thursday, May 16th Read more…

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Review of Purge

“I don’t even know where to begin with Purge. I feel like I just got slapped in the face with a cheese grater, a metaphorical “Movie Industry” labeled cheese grater. A culture shock, if you will. I guess I finally got to see the other side of the spectrum, and that’s not necessarily…”  Read more

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