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Help Troma Win An Ad That Will Be Shown During The 2014 Superbowl

Want to see a Troma ad during the 2014 Superbowl?  Vote for Troma in Intuit’s Small Business Big Game!  Just follow the link and click “Vote For Us.”  You don’t need to log-in or register; 30 seconds for you to vote can lead to 30 seconds for Troma during the Superbowl! You can vote once a day.

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In anticipation of the upcoming January theatrical release of the latest Troma Team production, “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1,” directed by Lloyd Kaufman, Troma has released the first music video from the film’s soundtrack, “Edison Device” by Architects of Fear.

Architects Of Fear: Edison Device Music Video From Return To Nuke 'Em High Volume 1!
Architects Of Fear: Edison Device Music Video From Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1!

The music video was directed by Troma President and patriarch Lloyd Kaufman and edited by “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1” action-star Stuart Kiczek. The Architects of Fear, a Florida-based rock and roll band, features long-time Troma creative collaborator James Wright, who will appear in “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 2.”

Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1 International Theatrical Trailer for All Audiences!
Return to Nuke Em High Volume 1 International Theatrical Trailer for All Audiences!
Quentin Tarantino has been a fan and friend of Troma for years and when he made Kill Bill in two volumes to create an “Event Film,” Lloyd Kaufman took note. “Michael Herz and I decided that to mark Troma’s upcoming 40th year we, too, would produce an ‘Event Film’ in two volumes just like Quentin did,” says Kaufman, “except slightly less lavish in the budget department.”

Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1 & 2, directed by Lloyd Kaufman, is a hilarious, thoughtful sci-fi Event Film with themes ripped straight from today’s headlines: the contamination and degradation of the world’s food supply, rampant bullying, LGBTQ love triumphing over prejudice and violence. The film, a revisiting of Troma’s 1986 Class of Nuke ‘Em High is in the same vein as other classics such as Class of 1984, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, and Carrie, but seen through the unique vision of Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team.

Welcome to Tromaville High School where, unfortunately, the glee club has mutated into a vicious gang of Cretins. Chrissy and Lauren, two innocent lesbian lovers, must fight not only the Cretins, mutants and monsters, but also the evil Tromorganic Foodstuffs conglomerate. Can they and Kevin the Wonder Duck save Tromaville High School and the world?

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Toronto-20130825-00398  Toronto-20130825-00397

Toronto-20130825-00396  Toronto-20130825-00395

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New Movies Reviewed

OPEN 24/7
“…gore, lesbians, naked chicks, vampires and fantasy creatures… it stands out.”
“… highly entertaining. I would highly recommend this movie as a viewing party with fellow fans…late night horror movies.”

“…a fun and entertaining collection… You will get your blood & guts, your cheese stories and a good dose of boobs.”

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Troma Launches Occupy Cannes Insider Access Page Via to Keep Supporters Updated

The Troma Team is launching an Occupy Cannes Insider Access blog on Chill, featuring exclusive content on the making of the documentary about independent film and media consolidation.

The Occupy Cannes team invites all Troma fans, Occupy Cannes Supporters, lovers of independent film, and believers in free expression and art, to join us at and spread the word. Check out the exclusive Occupy Cannes trailer HERE!

The Troma Team will regularly update with new content, bringing fans behind the scenes and offering supporters a chance to interact with the Occupy Cannes team. Supporters will see exclusive clips from the making of the movie, meet the stars of the film, learn about equipment and technique and get key tips on post-production straight from the Occupy Cannes Team.  Insider Access will also be a place where supporters can join the discussion and offer their thoughts on independent film and media consolidation.

The key to Troma Entertainment’s 40 years of success as America’s oldest independent film company is staying close to its fans.  Thanks to 400 generous fans who donated on Indiegogo, the Troma Team was able to go to Cannes to shoot much of the Occupy Cannes. Now we are launching the Occupy Cannes blog on Chill to keep our fans close and updated as we finish the film.

The Occupy Cannes Team, Troma Entertainment and Chill are bringing art to the people at!

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Toxie Goes Bollywood

zpfile000  zpfile001  zpfile002

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RTNH Reviews from Fantasia

“…if Friday night’s audience is to be taken as any kind of example, Troma fans [will] love [RTNH] with a love that will last the ages.”
“With vomit inducing practical effects and an over the top presentation to boot,  Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1might be one of the most insane American made splatter films that I’ve ever seen to date…”
“…[contains] broad political satire that skewers the sensitivities of left and right alike with Mad magazine-like abandon.”

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