STAN LEE, RON JEREMY added to “Occupy Cannes” Project has evolved into More Ambitious Film

Changes title to “Sincerely the Troma Team: Occupy Cannes”

‘Occupy Cannes’ has changed its working title to ‘Sincerely the Troma Team: Occupy Cannes’. This film, which originally focused specifically on Troma’s latest trip to Cannes, has evolved into a more ambitious project. Troma at the Cannes film festival still plays centrally, but the documentary also looks at the bigger “ecosystem” of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman, and independent film. The news arrived on Indiegogo today in an update to the project’s page.

Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman, discusses the state of independent superheroes, in Sincerely The Troma Team: Occupy Cannes.

“The symbiotic relationship Lloyd and Troma has with his fans and supporters is one of the most compelling themes in the film,” says the update. Living legends Stan Lee and Ron Jeremy were recently interviewed and have pretty interesting things to say about independent filmmaking and their own relation with Troma and the Troma Team.

Ron Jeremy discusses his last 20 years of independent film at Troma  in Sincerely The Troma Team: Occupy Cannes.

For further news and updates, fans can visit the  Sincerely the Troma Team Indiegogo campaign website.