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Treat Yourself to The Perfect Gift – mas Present TROMA NOW!

It’s Time to Light Up Your Tox-Mas
Trees, Come in From The Cold & Warm Up Your Chestnuts!
The Perfect Giftmas Present for The Holiday Season!
Troma Entertainment wishes all of Tromaville a Merry Tox-mas & Merry Giftmas
by presenting Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz’s Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Vol. 2 &
 Terror Firmer: 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Rays, the ideal, festive choices this holiday season for any independent film lover or collector.
Need the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who’s Naughty, Nice AND prefers DVDs/Blu-rays over streaming?
Go to Troma Direct for #TROMAzing Tox-Mas Sales on Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Vol. 2 
This exclusive offer is ONLY available or a limited time!
Act fast if you are still looking to put a #Toxic smile on the face
of that special someone this holiday season!

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Tell That #TOX-GIVING Turkey to #CluckOff & Take a Trip-tophan to TROMA DIRECT!

Feed The Need For Post-Turkey Day Tromabilia
& Get Some Real Bang For Your Buck
Without Even Leaving Your Couch!

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