We here at Troma love to hear from our fans. After all if it was not for you, there is no way we could have been making movies for over 49 years! We get lots of e-mail from our fans, some is to tell us how much they enjoy our films, but most are people looking for information. Many fans write in with the same or similar questions. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, check out our contact page and drop one of us a line. So, to prevent any unnecessary typing and squinting at the screen for all involved, we present:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this page:
If you have a question for Troma Entertainment, chances are someone has asked it before and the answer can be found here. Read the below information, if the question you have is not addressed here the write to our Questions department.

Who and What is Troma? Where are They?

Troma Entertainment is the oldest continually operating fully independent movie studio in the world.  Since 1974, Troma has produced, acquired and distributed more than one thousand feature films from all regions of the globe and in all genres.  Best known for THE TOXIC AVENGER, Troma has helped bring to the world the best and brightest talents in entertainment, ranging from master Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki (Troma’s 1993 release of his MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO was the first Miyazaki movie to be given a wide American theatrical release) to American humorists Matt Stone and Trey Parker (Troma’s 1996 release of their CANNIBAL, THE MUSICAL! would shine the spotlight of their incredible humor almost two years before their deserved success with “South Park”). Troma-produced films have also been the starting ground for such actors as Academy Award® winners Kevin Costner (SIZZLE BEACH USA), David Straithairn (WHEN NATURE CALLS) and Marisa Tomei (THE TOXIC AVENGER), as well as Chris Noth (WAITRESS!), Samuel L. Jackson (DEF BY TEMPTATION), Gates McFadden, Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas (MONSTER IN THE CLOSET), and Vincent D’Onofrio (THE FIRST TURN-ON), and MORE!

Troma’s Headquarters are at 36-40 11th Street, Long Island City, NY 11106.

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Can I Get a Tour of the Troma Building?

As we are a working operation, we ask those who wish to visit the Troma Building to schedule a tour ([email protected]) in advance with our tour guide, who will gladly take you through the sounds, the smells and the history that is Troma Entertainment.  Tours usually last about ten to fifteen minutes, and are available Mondays through Fridays between 12PM and 6PM.

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Working for Troma: Behind or in Front of the Camera

Q: What jobs are available at Troma and how do I get one?
A: We post job openings on our Work in Tromaville Page.  Should you find a position you feel is suitable for your talents, you should send a cover letter and your resume to:

36-40 11th Street
LIC, NY 11106

or FAX to: (718) 391-0255

Unpaid Enterprise Observer/Volunteer positions are almost always available at Troma. Contact our Enterprise Observer/Volunteer department and view our Enterprise Observer/Volunteer page to answer more of your questions if you are interested in being an observer/volunteer.

Q: How old do I have to be in order to work for Troma?
A: Unfortunately, due to the repressive Puritanical society in which we live, you must be 18 years old to work for us. Please keep us in mind and contact us when you are old enough to be drafted into an immoral war, vote the bastards who oppress us out of office, and legally enjoy Troma.

Q: “How can I be in a Troma movie?”
A: Troma constantly shoots introductions and other materials for our DVD’s. If you are an actor or actresses in the New York City area, you can always send your cover letter, resume, head and body shots to:

Attn: Casting Department
36-40 11th Street
LIC, NY 11106

Q: “Does Troma hire Enterprise Observer/Volunteers?”
A: Yes, we do. We frequently hire Enterprise Observer/Volunteers who work in an unpaid position. Many schools will give credit for such positions. You must first check with your school to see if such an arrangnment is available to you. If so please send your resume to the address above.

Q: “I have a band and we would like to know if Troma could use our music for a movie?”
A: If you have original music that you would like to submit to Troma send a CD to:

Attn: Soundtrack Music
36-40 11th Street
LIC, NY 11106

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Theatrical Release Dates for Our Movies

Q: “How do I get my local movie theater to show a Troma movie?
A:    Getting our movies on to the screens across the nation will have to be a joint effort.  What we suggest you do is this; you and your friends start calling art house cinemas and ask if they could show a Troma movie.  Mention the website if they need more information about the movies. If they get enough calls they are going to realize that Troma movies are something people are willing to pay money to see.  Most importantly, do not tell them you are calling on behalf of Troma, because in reality, you’re not.  You are calling as fans who are genuinely interested in seeing this picture.  After all, that is the truth.  Drop the hint.  Plant the seed.  After you guys bombard them with a few calls, send us an e-mail and let us know how it went.  This method has worked before and when one thinks of it, the truest form of independent film is all about, people who love to make movies for people who love to watch movies with out having to bother with the big global conglomerates just to get it in a projector

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How Do I Get An Autograph From Lloyd?

The only way (other then coming here to the Troma Headquarters in LIC) is to send an 8″x10″ self addressed stamped envelope to:

Attn: Lloyd Kaufman Autographs
36-40 11th Street
LIC, NY 11106

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Getting Lloyd to Come to Your Town

Q: How do I get Lloyd Kaufman to visit my town so I can shake the hand of the man who put the fun in dysfunctional?
A:  One would think being President and Founder of a movie studio means long days sitting behind a desk, wheeling and dealing on the phone, keeping the pillows on the casting couch fluffed all the while being served by a gaggle of yes men.  Well, in truth, it is that, yet somehow Troma President Lloyd Kaufman finds time to hit the road in order to promote his book “All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From the Toxic Avenger”, “Direct Your Own Damn Movie”, “Produce Your Own Damn Movie”.  One should check Where’s Lloydo to see if and when he will be making a stop near you.  If there is a theater, book store, video store, college or women’s penitentiary that you think would welcome a visit from Lloyd, Toxie, Sgt Kabukiman, and the rest of the Wonderful World of Troma characters, you should do the same thing as when trying to get a theater to show a Troma movie.  Contact the venue, convince them that Lloyd is one of pop cultures must beloved icons (he is, you know) and his presence will certainly attract a decent number of fans who are desperately searching for ways to spend money.

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Getting Your Local Video Store to Stock Troma Videos

Q: How do I get my local video store to carry Troma movies?
A:   Getting you local video rental outfit to carry Troma movies is very much like getting your local theater to show our films.  Contact the store, tell them about our website if they more information.  Tell them what fine quality Troma movies are and how they are popular the world over. If the stores proprietor are wise, they will create a Troma section.

Release Dates for Our DVD

Q: When will (enter movie title here) be released on video/DVD?
A:   All new releases for DVD are featured in the New Release section of the Troma Studio Store and the Movies section of Troma.com.  In some cases advance notice by as much as month or more will be given to some titles.  In many cases one could order a movie before it is released to ensure that they will be the first on the block to be the proud owner of the latest Troma presentation.

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The Price of Our DVDs and Blu-rays

Q: Why don’t you ever run a sale at the TromaDirect?
A:   We run sales all the time! As soon as you enter the TromaDirect any sales or promotions we are running appear on the front page.

Q: Why should I pay more for a movie from the Troma website when I can get them cheaper on other sites?
A:  When you buy directly from Troma, you are directly helping to support independent cinema in the purest form. When we sell a movie directly through our website, we do not have to divide the sale up with anyone else, and we can use those monies to make and acquire more of the movies you like to watch.

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Placing an Order at TromaDirect

For a more comprehensive index of inquiries, please see the Official TromaDirect FAQ’s.

Q:   “How do I place an order at TromaDirect?”
Placing an order at TromaDirect is very easy. First select the section of the store where you wish to shop, be it Troma, Roan, EG Sports or TromaDance. From each section, you may continue to select various choices for DVDs, Blu-rays, Apparel, Books, etc.

If you know the name of the movie you are looking for you can enter it in the Search Field on the upper right hand side.

Once you have located the item you wish to buy, simply click Add To Cart. You can continue shopping, or you can click on your Cart to change the quantity of the items you ordered. Once you have placed all the items you wish to purchase, click the checkout button to begin completing the order process. You will need not to be a registered user of the TromaDirect to complete an order. We ask for certain information when registering for TromaDirect in case we need to contact you by email or phone in case of a problem with your order, and to send you a tracking number once the ordered has been processed and shipped. Any incorrect information may delay our getting your order to you in a timely fashion, so please enter all contact information accurately. Troma Entertainment has never and will never sell your personal information to anyone.

When you get to the Check Out page fill out the form there. It is here where the total amount for your order will be displayed. Its always a good idea to print out this form before submitting it to us. Be sure to hit the “submit your order” button after you have made your payment to insure your order is received in our store.

Q: How much are the shipping charges on an order?
A:   Shipping in the United States: $7.00 for first item; $1.50 for each additional item. NY State residents are charged 8.875% sales tax on items and shipping fees.

International: Varies based on country. Shipping prices and delivery times may vary when shipping to cities outside the continental US.

It should be noted that in the case of video and DVD sets, these items are NOT considered one unit. If you order a set that includes three videos, you will be charged shipping on three items. If you have ever ordered a set, you will see, the items are packaged separately and not sold like a “box set”.

Q: How long does it take for an order to be shipped?
A: Troma ships most orders between 2 or 3 working days after receiving them, unless an item is out of stock. To find out whether an item you ordered is in stock, please contact Customer Service. Shipping prices and delivery times may vary when shipping to cities outside the continental US.

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An Order Already Placed on TromaDirect

For a more comprehensive index of inquiries, please see the Official TromaDirect FAQ’s.

Q: I placed an order on TromaDirect and:

a) it has not arrived yet.
b) the wrong movies were shipped.
c) some of the movies were missing.
d) some of the movies were defective.

A: We here at Troma pride ourselves in the efficient manner our shipping department handles orders.  However, from time to time, mistakes can be made.  If for whatever reason there is a problem with an order you placed, e-mail our Customer Service Department. Include in your letter the question along with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address as you entered them on your order. We also must know the exact date of your original order. Saying you placed the order “sometime in the end of May” will not help because we get thousands of e-mail’s, including orders, every week.

Q: I read on another website there was a sale on TromaDirect, but when I went to order the movies they were priced more than what I was told.
A: Many websites that promote sales on the web announce our sales. They post once but do not always take down the announcement. It is always a good idea to double check the prices before you order.

Q: How soon after placing an order can I cancel it?
A:   The majority of our orders ship the next business day after we receive payment.  If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your order, you must do so immediately. We do not accept returned packages and/or merchandise.

Q: I ordered some movies from TromaDirect and now I got a letter from our customs office that there is no invoice in the package and I need one in order to get my package.
A:  This is a common problem for our customers who live overseas, especially in Europe. What we suggest doing is when you fill out the order form, print it out. This can serve as your invoice.

Q: I don’t own a credit card. Can I order with check or money order?
A: TromaDirect accepts PayPal only. We DO NOT accept credit cards directly, checks or money orders.

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The Casts of Our Movies

We do not give out the address, phone numbers or e-mail address of any cast remember who appears in a Troma movie.  Nor are we able to pass messages on to a cast member.  Some of the people who have appeared in our pictures have fan websites where you may be able to contact them.  Check out our Links page for more information.

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An Original Idea for a Film or a Screenplay

Q: “I have this great idea for a movie. It’s all about….”
A:  Lloyd Kaufman (director of POULTRYGEIST and THE TOXIC AVENGER) is looking for a screenplay for his next feature film. He would like to produce and direct an ensemble film (i.e., small cast) of any genre, but the script must be extreme, daring, and 100% original – a project no one else would dare film! Send feature-length, COMPLETED SCRIPTS to:

Attn: Lloyd Kaufman
36-40 11th Street
LIC, NY 11106

Only feature-length, completed scripts will be considered (NO treatments, synopses, or works-in-progress).  Hard copies only, please (no emails).

Q: “I have a movie I made and am wondering if Troma would be interested in it”
A:   If you have a completed film and would like to know if Troma would be interested in distributing it, please send a  DVD (NTSC preferred) to:

Attn: Acquisitions
36-40 11th Street
LIC, NY 11106

We can not return any DVD sent to us, so please do not send your only copy!

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Do Troma DVDs Run on All Players?

All Troma DVD’s have no regional coding, and should play on any DVD player able to play NTSC encoded disks. Some PAL countries, such as the UK and France, have some Troma titles with specific region 2 coding, but to play the American disks, you will need a DVD player that has NTSC-to-PAL converters.

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How Do I Become a Tromette of the Month?

All Tromette of the Month applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

If you would like to be considered as a Tromette of the Month, send our friendly webmaster a couple pictures of yourself, the more Tromaesque the better.  Our Tromette Nomination Committee will screen all potential candidates for style, poise, congeniality and uniqueness.  Once the committee has made their selection for the month, we will need to get from you 10 to 12 pictures that you’d want for the Tromette Gallery, along with a short bio about yourself and something about what your favorite Troma film is or why you like Troma, etc.  In order for us to post any of your pictures, Tromettes are required to show top nudity and sign a release agreement.

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How Can I Have My Site Linked at troma.com?

We get many requests from other webmasters to add links to their sites.  As much as we would love to give everybody a little bit of extra publicity, we must be selective about who we link to.  Only those sites which have some kind of Troma-related material will be considered for inclusion.

Please send any link request to  [email protected], and we will look over your site.

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