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Exclusive Video Short THE RETURN OF DOLPHIN MAN To Premiere – LLOYD KAUFMAN REDDIT Ask Me Anything

Reddit has announced that Lloyd Kaufman will host an AMA, acronym for Ask Me Anything, on the popular website.  Lloyd will answer all questions about the upcoming 16th Annual TromaDance Film Festival (July 24, 25),  the long awaited Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 2Troma Entertainment past, present and future and anything that the redditors will ask.  Plus the exclusive premiere screening of The Return of Dolphin Man Video Short.  The AMA will take place on the subreddit /r/movies on Wednesday, July 22nd at 6PM EST.
Dolphin Man, the controversial cetacean superhero is back


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Major TROMA Retrospective and Live Commentary of The Toxic Avenger Presented at TROMAFEST

Lloyd Kaufman to conduct his Make Your Own Damn Movie Master Class in Vancouver, July 18, 2015

Lloyd Kaufman will attend Vancouver’s first-ever  TROMAFEST!  A major Troma retrospective presented by Shivers Film Society and UBC Film Society.  Iconic classic films like Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV,  Tromeo & Juliet and the musical masterpiece Poultrygeist will be screened at The Norm Theater at UBC. Read more…

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RTNH: VOLUME 2 Rough Cut Focus Group at 16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival

Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 2 will play at the 16th Annual TromaDance Film Festival, July 24, at The Paper Box Theater in Brooklyn, NY.

Last week, Fangoria Magazine revealed exclusively that a screening of a work-in-progress cut of the much-awaited  Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 2 will take place at The 16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival. Friday, July 24th, is the day the TromaDance Selection Committee has chosen to screen the explosive rough cut finale of Lloyd Kaufman’s amazing two-part indie event film. The focus group will ask the audience to help edit the film by answering a written questionnaire. So this should be an interesting event/exercise. Read more…

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Rodney Ascher’s The Nightmare Luke Hyams’ X Moor Michael Steves’ Clinger Selected For Tromadance

16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival 

July 24+25 at The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY

TromaDance Selection Committee is delighted to announce that Rodney Ascher’s (Room 237)  brilliant and terrifying The Nightmare will be screened at 16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival.

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16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival After-Party Announced July 25, at The Paper Box NYC

Troma Entertainment announced it’s TromaDance 2015 after-party lineup today with the release of an official event poster. The infamous TromaDance afterparty, hailed as “The weirdest and best show Williamsburg has seen in a long while,” features a thrilling performance from four NYC-native bands: Unicorn Smack, The Sweet Things, Bootblacks and Gowanus Mutant Kommandos . The afterparty, scheduled to begin at 10pm on July 25th, is primed to be the most exciting celebration in the festival’s 16 year history.

Unicorn Smack, a band that “is all about fun. And BJs.” was recently featured in the premiere episode of Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner. Read more…

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16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival To Screen SKINNER’s “This Horror Most Unreal” -July 25th

Troma Team is thrilled to announce that “This Horror Most Unreal” is an official TD selection. Directed by acclaimed artist Skinner and Max Minor, the film is “an animated silent black & white cavalcade of forgotten evil. Venture to realms of frightening new realities, rife with dangers unknown to mortal man.”

The film will headline TromaDance’s Animated Block on July 25th at The Paper Box, NYC.  The Troma Team will be announcing it’s official features today.

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