May Releases for Troma Now!

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TromaNOW’s #TROMAzing June Premieres Arrive Just in Time to Whet Your Whistle!

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HELLSWINE, 2 #Tromazing Music Videos from SomeWhereOutThere Headline TromaNOW’s June Premieres!

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San Diego Comic Con – 2016


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Fantasia Film Festival – Montreal 2016

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Troma Entertainment Acquires Alberto Genovese’s Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space

Original Title~ Dolcezza Extrema

Poster Design for Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space by Alvaro Galvan
NYC’s  Troma Entertainment  Confirms Official U.S. Premiere of Alberto Genovese’s
 Italian Science-Fiction/Fantasy Sock-Puppet Movie,
Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space 
(originally Dolcezza Extrema)
to be released Friday, July 1. 2016
Socks, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll!  Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space, a film by Alberto Genovese,  has been acquired by Troma Entertainment and is the exclusive Premiere Movie release from Troma for July’s new content on Troma Now (available a t  ) , the independent movie studio’s video-streaming-on-demand-service that launched this year ,  it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman.
Genovese’s movie takes place in an unspecified year from the future. Captain Pixws and his crew of space pirate sock puppets are forced to delivery tanning beds to every corner of the universe as their star-ship travels through intergalactic space.
he award-winning  Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Spacehas the visual light and language associated nowadays with pairing psychedelic drugs and Electronic Dance Music, an experience usually available only to those willing to alter their neural mapping.
The dynamic audio visual forces that operate within the galaxies, spacecrafts and from the critters that shuttle through Genovese’s movie is no doubt a reflection of the filmmakersbella figura approach to craftsmanship and ingenuity in theSick Sock Monsters production. Genovese’s unexpected choice to use 35 mm film to shoot the movie, much of which depended on the use of green screens behind the sock puppet characters and ultimate incorporation of extensive and skillfully crafted CGI environments and special effects, a thought provoking exploration into the possibilities of new forms in movie making through a mixed-media approach.
Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space was an Official Selection in 2015 for Italy’s Fanta-Festival, Switzerland’s Indie Film Festival and the Lumiere Film Fesitval as well as an Official Selection for the 2016 London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film.

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Toxie in Portugal


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Long Lost Charles Dickens Novella Unearthed by Troma Archivist

Results in a Movie, a Parade, and a Hellraising Comedy Show.

 When Charles Dickens was informed he would not be able to publish A Halloween Carol, he stated, “It was the worst of times, it was the best of times… or something”

Greetings from Tromaville! A Troma Entertainment archivist has unearthed the long lost Charles Dickens novella A HALLOWEEN CAROL. When 19th century focus groups found his initial story “too spooky”, Mr. Dickens was forced to rethink his story and shift holidays, resulting in A Christmas Carol, which went on to moderate success.

Thankfully, Troma has unearthed the lost manuscript and adapted it into a short film produced for Youtube Space: A HALLOWEEN CAROL: PUMPKIN SPICE EXTRA SPOOKY EDITION. Written and Directed by Lily-Hayes Kaufman, with cinematography from Charlotte Kaufman, the short features Lloyd Kaufman, Catherine Corcoran, Asta Paredes, and the one and only Toxic Avenger!!!
Because of this, the Toxic Avenger has been named as an honorary member of the TOXIC TUTU parade, held by the makers of the mockumentary chronicling the life and times of Mark Torgl (Melvin the Mopboy from the original Toxic Avenger). Starting at 4 pm on Halloween night, they will take to the streets of NYC to celebrate Troma and the holiday. Details can be found at, come out and support good people having a good time!!
Later Halloween night, Tromians in NYC can go to The People’s Improv Theater at 11 o’clock to see Welcome to Hell, hosted by Vincent Welles, Master of the Occult! Vincent is accompanied by his werewolf sidekick and band leader Warren Talbot as well as notable guests, including the Toxic Avenger himself! The show will also feature clips from the new RETURN TO RETURN TO NUKE EM HIGH AKA VOL. 2! All info can be found at

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New York Comic Con 2015 -The Team


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