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Uncensored, Subtitled & Fully #FanToxic! Troma & Director Fernando Alle’s MUTANT BLAST (Over 30 Festival Selections!)

Now Exclusively Available For Purchase/Rental ONLY on TROMA NOW! Own or Rent “Troma’s Answer to PARASITE” at WATCH.TROMA.COM!

TROMA is here to keep the Creative Corona Combat juices, and to thank you for your many years of devotion, by announcing that MUTANT BLAST is now available to OWN or RENTExclusively on TROMA NOW!

Troma Entertainment is proud to announce that director Fernando Alle’sFestival Favorite MUTANT BLAST is now EXCLUSIVELY available for rental and purchase, in all it’s UNCENSORED and UNCUT glory, ONLY at WATCH.TROMA.COM!

MUTANT BLAST, Troma’s answer to the Academy Award Winning PARASITE (FULLY UNCENSORED and COMPLETELY SUBTITLED!), is available for:

RENTAL in HD or 4K/UHD (ONLY $5.99)

PURCHASE in HD (ONLY $13.99)

PURCHASE in 4K/UHD (ONLY $15.99)

Check Out The Latest Theatrical Trailer for MUTAT BLAST! 

After a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong and the world is turns into a zombie apocalypse, a man with superhuman strength, a ferocious,fearless female soldier and a slacker with mean hangover must band together as the human race’s only hope for survival against a zombie apocalypse in a world that’s about to become a nuclear wasteland! Fernando Alle’s debut feature length film, which dances the line between comedy and horror, is sureto be one of the most exciting and wildest films Troma has ever released!

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Big Herc & Troma Entertainment Team Up For Toxic Crusaders High Tops! Exclusively Hand Numbered & Limited to 250 Pairs Each!

Pre-order Now While Supplies Last!

Chicago-born hip hop artist and entrepreneur Juan “Big Herc” Hernandez, is gracing Troma fans, horror fans, and sneakerheads alike with a kick-ass pair of kicks

Big Herc and Troma have teamed up for a limited edition run of Toxic Crusaders high tops! Born from the "Toxic Avenger" movieverse that first debuted back in the 80's, and which currently includes three films, a musical, comic books and a video game!

"Toxic Crusaders" was a Saturday morning cartoon show first launched in 1991. The series followed the main character of Toxie and his ragtag band of "crusaders," who did battle with various polluters of the environment. 

These high tops are a very limited edition run, with only 250 pairs being made available. In fact, each pair will contain a distinct stamp on the box, indicating its numerical order. The going price for these sick kicks is $60, and you can only get them at

Speaking of which, you should make certain to bookmark and visit BigHerc Official often because he's got some more exclusive merchandise coming our way from both "The Toxic Avengers," and "Toxic Crusaders" brands, in the very near future. So stay tuned!

ABOUT BIG HERC Born and raised in the windy city, Chicago, Big Herc is a veteran artist and presence in the hip-hop community. Along with a strong passion for music, Big Herc also has a love for video games, animation and pop culture. Big Herc has worked with some of music’s biggest names including Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Slipknot, Schoolly D, Ras Kass, DAS EFX and Alice Cooper. Along with the current “Toxic Crusaders” line of items, his pop culture merchandising collaborations also include Taito and Square Enix’s 1970’s arcade game, “Space Invaders.”

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Troma Now Presents “TROMAvant-Garde” Bonus Corona Combat Art Featuring The #FanTOXIC Films of Dylan Mars Greenberg!

Uncle Lloydie & Troma Entertainment are making sure all loyal Troma fans are getting their Tromatic Fix!

Troma thanks you for your many years of devotion and hopes to provide some #FanTOXIC entertainment whilst social distancing. We are what we are because of you, the fans! We know the boredom may be setting in, so TROMA NOW has more Creative Corona Combat Art with two exclusive TROMAvant-Garde style films from Filmmaker Dylan Mars Greenberg!

Directed by Reverend Jen Miller, Dylan Mars Greenberg & Nick Zedd

Three werewolf women from Uranus are sent to Earth.

Featuring: Janeane Garofalo (Dogma, Wet Hot American Summer) Lloyd Kaufman (THE TOXIC AVENGER) Dave Hill (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) Dylan Mars Greenberg (#ShakespearesShitstorm) John Patrick Brennan (RETURN TO RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH AKA VOL 2) Amanda Flowers (#ShakespearesShitstorm)

Directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg

A father reads his daughter a story about a supernatural force killing hallucinating teenagers. It is up to a rebellious young girl to put an end to this force.

 Featuring: Blessing C.S. (DARK PRISM)Matt Katz Bohen (Keyboardist from Blondie) Robert Prichard (CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGHTHE TOXIC AVENGER ) Amanda Flowers (#ShakespearesShitstorm)

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#WashandWatch, Continue Combating Corona & Immunize Mental Health With Troma Now’s #TROMApril Premieres Including DEATH-SCORT SERVICE PART 2, DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL, PEEPHOLE & More #FanTOXIC Features & Shorts!

Stay indoors and #washandwatch some #Fantoxic #TROMApril Premieres!

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