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12 Slays of Christmas” to be released on Troma Now

Surprise Holiday Mid-Month World Premiere

This Christmas-themed horror anthology was produced by Tony Newton (Gridnsploitation 1 & 2)

 Click here for the trailer for “12 Slays of Christmas”!

Only Available to Subscribers on 

Troma Now

The “12 Slays of Christmas” is a new horror anthology for 2016. This seasonal 

horror anthology features a collection of Christmas themed horror short films!
A Christmas horror anthology, 12 of the world’s leading indie horror directors bring 
you twelve twisted tales of terror with a yuletide twist. 
“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me One Hatchet, One Bullet and 
a Body Bag!” Troma and Body Bag Films brings this sensational seasonal Christmas 
horror feature.
Produced by Tony Newton producer of “Grindsploitation: The Movie”, 
“Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels”, VHS LIVES: A Schlockumentary and 60 
Seconds to Die. The film features an onslaught of indie horror film talent, this film is 
the latest and greatest in Christmas-themed horror! 
If you think the worse thing about Christmas is the smell of your grandparents after 
Brussels sprouts or having the obligatory family row, you are very wrong! 
The 12 Slays of Christmas is a dark horror anthology. This Christmas, Santa has 
something very sinister in his sack for you! Grab a mince pie and prepare the egg nog, 
as it may be your last! Just like a puppy, “The 12 Slays of Christmas” is not just for 
Christmas, but can be enjoyed all year long, perfect for Halloween, Easter and 
Thanksgiving too!
Troma Now features Troma classics, as well as World Premiere’s and exclusive video 
content for subscribers! 

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Florida Sighting of The Troma Team

The Troma Team will be appearing at Spooky Empire, in Orlando Dec. 2-4, 2016 and
Paradise City Comic Con in Fort Lauderdale, Dec.9-11, 2016!!
with an appearance by Lloyd Kaufman for TWO Tromarrific Cons in Florida!
The Toxic Avenger and Lloyd Kaufman, (who will be signing autographs and posing for photos FOR FREE!!!! at this year’s Paradise City Comic Con!) are coming to Tromatize the most endowed, “family-friendly” theme-park peninsula in the USA with their unholy, unwholesome antics and Tromarrific spirit of independent art!!
The first of the Christmas Season conventions, Spooky Empire, which is held December 2-4th in Orlando, Florida, where Jimmy Wright of Architects of Fear will be appearing. The Troma booth is a fan favorite every year, and The Toxic Avenger will be there to mop up scumbags, as well as the World Famous Super Tromettes!
The following weekend Troma will be representing on the Souther tip of Florida, just a few hours south of Orlando, Paradise City Comic Con in Fort Lauderdale, Dec. 9-11, 2016! Lloyd Kaufman will be appearing at Paradise City Comic Con to sign autographs and pose for photos for FREE!!!

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The Huffington Post features China essay by Lloyd Kaufman

It’s Not Me, It’s You: My Break Up With China 
written by Lloyd Kaufman, (with Taylor Sprow)

The current atrocities committed at the hands of the Chinese government are unacceptable and I find myself unable to look past them for the sake of my dream: to make a movie in China.”– Lloyd Kaufman

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like an independent filmmaker scorned.” 
-William Congreve (sort of)
Ni hau ma from Tromaville!
Fuck you, China, and the Han Dynasty horse you rode in on! You have double-crossed me!
In our vastly interconnected world of quick clicks and instant communication, thinking globally is pretty much the only option. In a second you can be connected with someone on the other side of the planet. Here at Troma, we are well aware of what it means to function on a global scale. Without our fans from all over the world, we would not have been able to survive 42 years so far in this elitist hellmouth we call the film industry.

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Newsflash: Rome News Tribune

“A number of the write-in votes were for entities that could not serve if elected, such as My Gun, Homey D Clown, Queen Elizabeth II and Toxic Avenger.”


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Lloyd Kaufman and The Troma Team will be Appearing at New York Comic Con 2016 at TROMA BOOTH #429

New Merchandise, Toxie Skateboards Debut plus Fan Fueled Music Video to be Shot!!

Meet Lloyd Kaufman, (pictured here at 2015 NYCC Booth #429),  who will be appearing in person and signing for FREE! all weekend and (Unarmed) Super-Tromettes!

Invite Fans to Film New Tromatic Music Video, “Sick Sock Sing-Along”!!!

The Troma Team Will World-Premiere New Custom Merchandise including Skateboard Decks, TWO New Toxie T-Shirts  and an Updated Selection of Troma Movies featuring Reissues of Out-of-Print Titles Including The First Turn On!!!Lloyd Kaufman,  prexy of Troma Entert ainment and creator  of The Toxic Avenger will be appearing in person at the New York City Comic Con,  along with Return to Nuke ‘Em High star Catherine Corcoran!!

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We are Tromanically thrilled to announce that after all this time spent making diligent edits and adding pick-up shots, celebrity cameos and Tromazing animations in order to craft Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 into the masterpiece that it is, we have finally reached a picture lock!

Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 will now begin the important steps in finishing in order to polish Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 as it moves forward in the final stages of post-production, mastering the sound design and color correction. These two critical steps will heighten the cinematic experience for the audiences of Volume 2 and elevate the Tromatic trademarks that are so critical, as in the surreality, the science-fiction, the grotesque and sexy by bringing the audio and visual elements into the Tromasphere that we have strived to create in the past 42 years with subtlety and precision.

We anticipate Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 to be completed in October 2016. Thank you for your patience! You have all been Tromarrific!

We make theatrical movies because you our fans enjoy seeing our films in a communal environment. Thanks to you fans contacting your local movie theatres, Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 played in many theatres around the U.S.! Let’s do it again! Please contact your local theaters and tell them you want them to show Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2, and that Lloyd Kaufman and The Toxic Avenger might be able to attend in person and host a Q & A, schedule permitting!

Toxie loves you!

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Final Night of Troma Entertainment’s FESTIVAL OF FREE 2016 at Lucky 13 Saloon

Event Announcement:Thursday, August 25th, 2016 Screening of Feartown, U.S.A. and The Slashening

Guests are Invited to Participate In a “Live from Troma Entertainment’s Green Carpet “Video Shoot with Lloyd Kaufman to Introduce

The New York City Premiere of Brandon Bassham’s Feartown, U.S.A. and The Slashening! Coming Soon to Blu-Ray!

Director Brandon Bassham of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Will be Appearing at Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn, New York for New York City Premiere of Feartown, U.S.A. and The Slashening.  Late Night After Party with Philadelphia Punks GODDAMMIT and New York City Indie Rock NERVOUS DATER.

Feartown U.S.A. and The Slashening Appearance by Director Brandon Bassham *Live Troma Video Shoot* Guest Participants Welcome!
Thursday, August 25, 2016 Lucky 13 Saloon 644 Sackett Street Brooklyn, NY

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New Premiere Content Streaming on Troma Movies YouTube

B.C Butcher Director Kansas Bowling Premieres New Music Video
Kansas Bowling is the hottest director-starlet to emerge from Los Angeles in 2016 pictured  here (left) with her sister model/actress/writer Parker Love Bowling (right)

Los Angeles prodigy Kansas Bowling, director of Troma’s B.C. Butcher, will premiere her latest directorial work on film, a music video for West Coast groove riff rock quartet the “Death Valley Girls” and their new release song Disco on Troma Movies YouTube.

Bowling,wrote B.C. Butcher at just fifteen years old, directed the film at seventeen and World Premiered the movie at legendary Egyptian Theatre in
Hollywood, California. B.C. Butcher has since gone on to be screened theatrically across the globe at festivals and theaters, and the movie is soon to be released on Blu-Ray by Troma Entertainment.

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VHS Massacre FREE Rooftop Screening ! 9:00 PM Screening August 17th

Tom Seymour and Ken Powell will be Appearing in Person at the FREE!  New York Theatrical Premiere of their Award-Winning Documentary
VHS Massacre at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn, New York!!
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 Doors 8:00 PM, Film at 9:00 PM FREE SCREENING!!!
Our Wicked Lady  153 Morgan Ave  Brooklyn, NY

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