Two World Premieres coming to Troma Now in January


Plus 11 New and Classic Troma Titles and 4 explosive new short films!

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What rock star Andrew W.K. thought would be a fun-packed adventure in an animal preserve turned into a dark, disturbing, surreal and hilarious journey of chaos and unbelievable action! With a mysterious past filled with rumors of his being a manufactured creation, and even that there is more than one Andrew W.K, could this trip to the zoo be the next chapter in the Andrew W.K. mysteries?

“This was no ordinary safari…this was supposed to be a party safari!” “You won’t believe your senses!”

A deep, psychological journey into the minds of a Rock Star and animals

Troma Now’s January world premieres also features Rednecks! Follow a group of rednecks as they go on an adventure to get fame, fortune and 
everything they have always dreamed of.  John Birmingham’s Rednecks follows three Rowdy redneck brothers who live on a farm in the country, with their uncle and three beautiful and kind-hearted girlfriends. They spend their days working hard on the farm and their nights with the girls who they love and who truly love them. Life couldn’t be better, it seems to everyone. Yet they dream of how things could be better, if they had nice teeth, success with their music and everything they desire. Then, suddenly, something unspeakable happens to their uncle. They may lose the farm and their great way of life. Trying to escape their problems, they try to sell their soul to the devil, summon a leprechaun and other shortcuts that help them to have a seemingly perfect life, becoming rock stars and having everything they thought they wanted so much. But finally their girlfriends help them to realize that they must face reality, that they are good enough, hardworking people to get their lives in order just fine themselves. They end up appreciating more than anything what they had all along but took for granted, the love of each other.
Also coming to Troma Now in January are 11 feature films lovingly curated by Troma’s Lloyd Kayfman: Lucio Fulci’s New Gladiators, Ghosts of 
the Heartland, No Way Back, Preacherman, Ellie, Hot Summer in Barefoot County, State of Mind, SuperStarlet A.D., Lassie: The Painted Hills, 
Blind Love, as well as Angel on my Shoulder!  Don’t miss these incredible short films coming to Troma Now in January, too! Ghost Tank, Dolls of Doom, Kung Fu Kitties, and Harry Knuckles will all be available on Troma Now for the new year!  “Three Tromatizing SFX lessons! Arm rip, head crush, and leg rip!”