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Troma to Screen Latest Production​s – ‘Taint,’ ‘Father’s Day,’ ‘Mr. Bricks’ – at Sundance 2013!

Mr. Bricks

Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce that it will hold secret screenings of the latest Troma Team productions, The Taint, Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, and Father’s Day, along with the world premiere of the product reel for Lloyd Kaufman’s latest feature, Return to Nuke ‘Em High, in Park City, Utah during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. “Many of the films at Sundance demonstrate what can be done outside of the studio system if you have a lot of money,” says Troma President Lloyd Kaufman. “The films we’re bringing to Sundance will show how brilliant movies can be produced for a fraction of the cost with total artistic freedom.”

To RSVP to a secret screening please contact [email protected]  Read more…

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French-Language Troma Titles Available in Canada – Jan. 8th!

Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce that Canadian video distributor, Video Services Corporation, will release one French-language Troma title per month, commencing with the January 8th release of the Troma’s iconic Toxic Avenger, marking the first time in history that the French-language version of the classic will be available in French Canada.  “We withheld the Toxic Avenger from Quebec until we were sure that province was not breaking away from Canada,” says Troma president Lloyd Kaufman. “Vive Quebec TROMATIQUE!”

This month, VSC will also release English-language versions of Troma’s latest productions, Father’s Day, Purge, and Doomsday County.  In February, VSC will follow up with the French-language version of Troma’s 1986 classic, Class of Nuke ‘Em High, and English-language versions of The Taint and Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical.

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Cinema Crazed Review Sell Your Own Damn Movie

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FATHER’S DAY – Top 10 Horror and Genre Films of 2012

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1. Father’s Day


2012 will go down as the year I discovered Astron-6. Quite simply they are the most talented group of misfits to come from the great white north in well… ever. I have been a fan of Troma Studios for longer than I can remember. To say that their output is a mixed bag is really kind of putting it lightly. For every Toxic Avenger there is an equal and opposite Tales From the Crapper. That said, I tried to keep my hopes in check when I first saw the trailer for the Troma funded, Astron-6 written/directed/acted/pretty much every damn thing Father’s Day. All that went out the window when I finally got to view the film for the first time. Father’s Day exceeded every expectation I had, Read more…

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“Mr. Bricks is by no means a valuable member of society, he’s a criminal and murderer who has done his time in jail, and when he has come out he was anything but a changed man. But even someone as bad as Mr. Bricks can fall in love eventually – with Scarlet (Nicola Fiore), the only human being Mr. Bricks has feelings for. Too bad then that she has been kidnapped. And now Mr. Bricks is going to reclaim her, and not even bullets can stop him …” READ MORE

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Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce that cult British musical trio Tiger Lillies will be featured prominently on the soundtrack for the latest Troma Team production, Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. I & II, an event film directed by Lloyd Kaufman. “With the Tiger Lillies’ consistent themes of bestiality, prostitution, Read more…

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Toxic Avenger: The Japanese Cut Review ROCKSHOCKPOP.COM

“The one that started it all! This 80s cult classic begins with Melvin, a nerdy little wimp of a man who works as a janitor at a very dated looking 80s health and fitness club. One day he finds himself to be the victim of a cruel prank. When Melvin is chased around the club by a bunch of bullheaded jocks he inadvertently ends up running outside where he gets covered in toxic waste…”READ MORE

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NEW WINTER ISSUE of GIRLS and CORPSES Magazine KILLS! with Lloyd Kaufman on cover

Click here to preview this new issue and wild cover:
FROM GIRLS AND CORPSES: Our Volume 6 WINTER Medical Malpractice issue is our deadest issue yet and cuts like a scalpel into the guts of comedy/horror with an exclusive flailing of TROMA films legend LLOYD KAUFMAN. Other frightening features include 3 INSANE photo spreads! Pinup Model MISS MOSH lobotomizes LLOYD KAUFMAN; Scream Queen ELISSA DOWLING, seXXXy nurse RAVEN BAY Read more…

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While consumers trample each other attempting to purchase a revamped Furby or 1 Direction singing doll this holiday season, Troma Entertainment is offering its fans an alternative to the shopping mall madness: 250 of Troma’s best titles available for FREE at as well as a band-new FREE filmmaking lessons from  Lloyd Kaufman every week at

This holiday gift from Troma to its fans comes on the heels of the recent discovery by archaeologists in Jerusalem that there was a fourth wise man – King Moishe of Kew Gardens – who brought 250 FREE movies to the baby Jesus. In response to the many who have incorporated this addition to the story of Jesus’ birth into nativity scenes all over the world, Troma is recreating this amazing archaeological discovery by making those very same films available. The 250 FREE films can be viewed HERE and Your Own Damn Channel filmmaking lessons, HERE!

The FREE titles range from Troma hits like the Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead to hard-to-find movies like Plutonium Baby and classic films from Troma’s Roan Group archive such as The Invisible Ghost.  Lloyd Kaufman has vowed to have 500 FREE titles available by the time the company celebrates its 40th year in the film industry.

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jtox  A5701  A5701

While many panic with the forthcoming 12/21/12 end of the TroMayan calendar, Troma Entertainment is celebrating with the three DVD releases you should see before the end of the world: Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, directed by Travis Campbell and produced by Justin Martell, premiered at Spain’s prestigious Sitges Film Festival and during its limited theatrical release has played at renowned venues such as the Alamo Drafthouse and the San Diego Comic-Con. Bob Freville’s Hemo, Troma’s answer to the Twilight series has been hailed by Kotori magazine as a “masterpiece of drug cinema.”  Finally available in the US for the first time, this release of The Toxic Avenger contains the long sought-after 98 minute version originally cut for the Japanese market.

To order these brand-new Troma DVD’s please visit the Troma Shop or! As Troma Entertainment approaches its 40th year as an independent film studio, it will continue its time honored tradition of producing “movies of the future” and follow with such releases as and Bobby Hacker’s Cars 3 and Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc’s The Taint.

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