Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce that cult British musical trio Tiger Lillies will be featured prominently on the soundtrack for the latest Troma Team production, Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. I & II, an event film directed by Lloyd Kaufman. “With the Tiger Lillies’ consistent themes of bestiality, prostitution, and blasphemy in their music, the Troma Team knew instantly they were a perfect fit for the soundtrack of the fourth installment in Troma’s successful Class of Nuke ‘Em High series,” says Troma President Lloyd Kaufman. “Now we have the edge over Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.”

“On a packed plane flying from Berlin to London for Xmas,” Tiger Lillies founder Martyn Jacques wrote recently in a message to the Troma Team, ” and feeling deeply moved and very excited to be featured in an esteemable Troma film production!”

Tiger Lillies Founder Martyn Jacques is Assaulted by a Return to Nuke ‘Em High Mini-Poster

More on the Tiger Lillies:  The world of THE TIGER LILLIES is dark, peculiar and varied, with moments of deep sadness, cruel black humour and immense beauty. This unique “anarchic Brechtian street opera trio” tours the world playing songs about anything that doesn’t involve “beautiful blonde girls and boys running at the meadow” to quote their founder Martyn Jaques. Hence, their songs cover all the dark aspects of life, from prostitution and drug addiction to violence and despair. Always with a touch of twisted humor and sharp irony THE TIGER LILLIES “point an implicit accusing finger back at us: what on Earth are we doing, laughing at this stuff?”. Their music is a mixture of pre-war Berlin cabaret, anarchic opera and gypsy music, echoing the voices of Bertolt Brecht and Jacques Brel. The Tiger Lillies shock, amuse and entertain in a postmodern vaudeville way, with their inimitable in-yer-face shows, where no limit should be taken for granted.

In the last 23 years the TIGER LILLIES have been doing an average of over 200 gigs a year and despite spending so much time on the road they have managed to also release more than one album a year (total number is somewhere around 30, but who is counting?). They have participated in numerous shows, collaborating with dancers, actors, circus performers, puppeteers and other musicians of all genres and toured most of the world, never seizing to surprise, shock and entertain their audience with their inimitably deviant musical style.