The Toxic Avenger Listed Among 30 Most Significant Independent Films!

Recently, the Independent Film & Television Alliance published a list of the 30 most significant independent films of the last 30 years, and included THE TOXIC AVENGER in its Honorable Mention category! 

Ten films were chosen for each decade, from the 1980s, through the 1990s, until 2010.   Among the works highlighted in the first ten years were such classic and notable titles as David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET and Steven Soderbergh’s SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE.   THE TOXIC AVENGER was one of only three films (along with THE KILLING FIELDS and THE LAST EMPEROR) to receive Honorable Mention.  All selections are being screened at the prestigious American Cinematheque! 

THE TOXIC AVENGER would go on to spawn a Saturday morning children’s cartoon (THE TOXIC CRUSADERS), several sequels, a $100 million PG-13 Hollywood remake to be directed by Steve Pink (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, HIGH FIDELITY) and produced by Akiva Goldsman (Oscar-winning writer of A DANGEROUS MIND) and multiple toys and comics. Toxie is also the face of  Troma, as the most recognizable youth-oriented monster hero.