• Color
  • 1968
  • 83 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Jose Briz Mendez and Luciano Lelli
Starring Jack Stuart, Ty Hardin, Dick Palace, Rosella Como

A former mercenary named Ragan, who now runs a one-plane, money-losing air-transport service, is approached by a man named Velludo with a $75,000 job offer. Velludo wants Ragan to fly a plane in a mission to free Moreno, the former dictator of a Caribbean island. Ragan says “no” but his plane is mysteriously destroyed in a fire and his insurance is suddenly cancelled so “no” becomes “yes.” After all, Moreno is preferable to Chavez, the current dictator, and Ragan will have to chance to meet up with an ex-flame named Janine who’s also involved in the planned coup along with her husband.  Complicating things, however, is Maria, an attractive blonde with the “hots” for Ragan.  Ragan and company incur heavy losses but manage to free Moreno in a daring commando raid and Ragan now looks forward to a romantic future with one of those two women.

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