Free Troma Tuesdays at Lucky 13 Saloon to Screen Rose & Viktor: No Mercy on February 12th at 8 PM!


A balls-to-the-wall bounty hunter and his lusty, luscious sidekick wreak havoc on evildoers in California!

Viktor, the best bassist in the world, becomes a bounty hunter after his band breaks up. Along the way, he encounters a teenage runaway named Rose, whose split personality proves to be beneficial for Viktor’s wild escapades, and together they hunt down no-good-doers the only way they know how… without mercy! Starring Jim Schumacher as Viktor and fetish model Mercedes the Muse as Rose, this passion project of director Moses hearkens back to the days of 70’s grind house films, with excessive sex and violence that would make Abel Ferrara shed a tear! Attendees should stay after the movie for a DJ set by Spike Polite!

Lucky 13 Saloon is proud to be hosting our screenings this month, and we’ll be screening our wildest Troma Tuesday films yet! No one under 21 is admitted, so you know it’s going to be a real good time! Every screening starts at exactly 8 PM!

Lucky 13 Saloon644 Sackett Street Brooklyn, NY 11217