• Color
  • 1982
  • 90 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Arizal
Starring Eva Arnaz and Barry Prima

They’re back and they’re more ferocious than ever!  Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters 2!  This is the story of women.  Women shattered by violence.  Women left alone, the sole survivors of slaughtered families.  Women sold into a vicious and brutal international crime syndicate.  Women subjected to poverty, horror and brutal sex.  Experience a secret glimpse into the erotic realm of the Asian underworld, where women are a high-priced commodity and anything is available… for a price.  Pushed to the farthest limits of sanity and battered beyond ordinary human capacity, there is one woman who decides to fight against her destiny.  She’s tougher than a rabid canine!  Braver than a battalion of Bruce Lees! With vengeance pulsing through her veins, she journeys back into her past, kicking anything that gets in her way, settling the ultimate score… swiftly and permanently!  Her task is to terminate the misery and sexual torture of her soul-sisters in slavery.  She and her fighting female friends are out to topple the power pyramids of the Asian underworld!  Fighting ferociously with fists and feet flying, these females are out for revenge!

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