Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers Presents: The Toxic Avenger / Toxic Tutu Double Feature!

Joe Nardelli’s Toxic Avenger Tribute movie, “Toxic Tutu”  #metutu starring Mark (Little Melvin) Torgle to Premiere at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers with 35mm screening of “The Toxic Avenger” Special Director’s Cut w/ added footage! Nardelli, Mark Torgle and Lloyd Kaufman to appear in person!
Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers will be presenting a Double Fearure of the Troma classic “The Toxic Avenger” along with Joe Nardelli’s mockumentary “Toxic Tutu” on Sunday, March 18th, 7PM. Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger will be attending the event along with Mark Torgl (The Toxic Avenger/Toxic Tutu), Joe Nardelli (Dir. Toxic Tutu), cast members of “The Toxic Avenger”, Toxie and more! A Q&A with Kaufman, Torgl, Nardelli and more will be held after “Toxic Tutu”. – it was announced today by Levi White, Director of Public Relations at Troma Entertainment, Inc.
The #metutu movement begins March 18th
“The Toxic Avenger” Trailer
Welcome to TROMAVILLE, NEW JERSEY – a small American town, terrorized by criminals. The town’s corrupt mayor sits idly by, while muggers, robbers and teenage punks victimize helpless citizens. Among the residents of Tromaville is MELVIN, a nerdy emaciated janitor at the local health club. That is, until he becomes THE TOXIC AVENGER! A gang of thugs devise a cruel hoax that goes horribly wrong as Melvin is cast through a third story window into a vat of hazardous toxic waste. However, an unexpected metamorphosis takes place. As the chemicals take hold of his body, Melvin turns into the TOXIC AVENGER, doer of good, and brutal mauler of evil! The rest, as they say, is history! The excitement is non-stop as the hero sets out to single handedly wipe out the forces of evil that torment the people of Tromaville. THE TOXIC AVENGER is non-stop entertainment that will leave the viewers glowing from the fun. See the film that spawned the comic book, website, cartoon, action figures and three sequels to date! Experience the action that made Troma Entertainment a cinematic legend! Still a classic three decades later! See THE TOXIC AVENGER!
“Toxic Tutu” Trailer
and then…
An Almost True Story: TOXIC TUTU is an homage to the original cult-classic horror-comedy, THE TOXIC AVENGER and explains what became of the “Toxic Avenger’s” Melvin the “Mop Boy”, Mark Torgl.
In addition to the Double Feature, Troma’s favorite hero, Toxie, and more will be at the Troma Booth where TROMERCH such as the highly popular Alex Pardee Toxie T-shirt, Skinner T-shirt, I Heart the Monster Hero shirt, Toxie patches, and Troma’s newest Blu-ray releases The Middle FingerThe Thingy and Essex Spacebin will be TROMABUNDANT!