Kansas Bowling is The Toxic Avenger in the hilarious new promo from Troma Movies

World Premiere of Director Greg DeLiso and Producer Peter Litvin’s Hilarious Pulp-Comedy Movie

 Hectic Knife

Plus Ten New Titles of Vigilante Justice, Spilling Blood and Cracking Skulls
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Peter Litvin as character Hectic Knife

Hectic Knife was World-Premiered at “Our Wicked Lady” in Brooklyn on July 28th, 2016 and was brilliantly received as a contemporary work that is coming from the tradition of film noir by the New York City  audience, who raised the  roof-deck with their peals of gleeful joy and girlish screams in suspense.

The International Digital Premiere of Hectic Knife on Troma Now includes the  full-length and  artfully  crafted “retro-look” movie which is a  reverential  nod to cinematic  symbolism. Film archetypes are referenced throughout  the course of the  movie, for example characters experience inexplicable flashbacks in the poetic traditions and  imagery like a lone tear  traveling down the withered  hero’s cheek, not to mention the Mighty  Aphrodite-esque  hookers with hearts of gold to  weave together Hectic’s  story.

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Rival gang titles with a grudge bringing it down in August on Troma Now include Twisted Justice ,  Story of a Junkie, Combat Shock, Viral Assassins,LA Maniac, The Stabilizer, Ghost Tank, East End Hustle,Japanese Erotica “Sexy Swat Team”, Words of  Wisdom by Eli Roth and The Lunachicks“SAY WHAT YOU MEAN” Video.  To see a Troma Movie’s promo announcing the new uploaded content that also happens to feature B.C. Butcher director Kansas Bowling as The Toxic Avenger, click the Troma Movies YouTube link here!!

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