Extreme Jukebox(HD)

  • Color
  • 2013
  • 80 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Alberto Bogo & Andrea Lionetti
Starring Alessio Cherubini, Elisabetta Loi, Pino Scotto, Maurizio Lastrico

“Welcome to Nova Springs, a rock and roll metropolis chock-full of rising stars. You’ll meet Jessie, a charismatic rocker, and his groupie girlfriend, Chloe. After unearthing a mysterious LP in the abandoned estate of legendary 80s superstar David Crystal, these young lovers unleash a bloodthirsty spirit…the infamous “Killer of the Woods.” As the bodies pile up, it’s up to Jessie, Chloe, and rock’n’roll priest Father Zappa (Italian heavy-metal pioneer Pino Scotto) to set things right. It’s LORDS OF SALEM by way of ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, with a side of spaghetti!”

"Slashing, laughter and Rock 'N Roll. Nothing is missing!"

- Luca Ruocco, ingenerecinema.com