Award-Winning VHS MASSACRE is April’s World-Premiere on TROMA NOW

“Demented Documentaries” is the theme of the month for April on Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s subscription video-on-demand service that highlights exclusive content, World-Premieres and commercial-free movie and episode streaming for subscribers! April’s World-Premiere featured on Troma Now is Tom Seymour and Ken Powell’s VHS Massacre, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of, The Toxic Avenger.  VHS MASSACRE is a documentary about the rise and fall of physical media from the origin of film all the way through the vide o store era into digital media, focusing on B-movie and cult films. VHS MASSACRE has already been selected for several esteemed film festivals and took first prize at the Miami Science Fiction Film Festival for feature-length documentary.  The award winning and educational film was created by Queens, New York based filmmakers Tom Seymour and Ken Powell of New York Cine Radio.

Tom Seymour and Ken Powell visit the now Manhattan’s “Kim’s Video and Music” in VHS MASSACRE

VHS MASSACRE features interviews with cult film heroes Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment, actress Debbie Rochon, Ron Bonk (owner of SRS Video) and several more reputable experts who give their insight and analysis into the history of and their predictions for ever shifting media platforms and the resulting legal and cultural impacts.

Lloyd Kaufman’s take on forty years worth of maverick filmmaking, Direct Your Own Damn Movie, is included on the Tromarrific lineup, as well asPoultry in Motion, the behind the scenes documentation of Troma’s foul feathered musical Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. Other expositions into the gross underbelly of the Troma experience include All the Love you Cannes and Debbie Rochon Confidential. Classic documentaries from Troma’s legendary Roan Collection include Albert Schweitzer and No Substitute for Victory.
Always hip to the needs and interests of their demographic, Troma caters to their superfans with other titles like Jefftowne, a look into the life of a wrestling fanatic with Down’s Syndrome. Documentaries that capture the seedy, spermy and magical lives of sex workers include Shakespeare in and Out and Bordello Diaries.
Troma Now subscribers are privy to an additional chunk of Tromatic Extras every month to fit the theme. For April’s “Demented Documentaries”, new rare and exclusive content includes behind the scenes footage from the early stages of development for Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1, like the grueling Troma casting process, pre-production of the movie and special effects documentation. Lovers of New Jersey’s vigilante superhero and his father Lloyd Kaufman can relish both stars with Toxie in Africa. Other featured extras like, Edit Your Own Damn Movie, Cranky Lloyd Gets Crankedand Enough Dope to Hang Yourself With are sure to shatter the hopes and dreams of aspiring filmmakers.
“Demented Documentaries” is streaming exclusively to subscribers of Troma Now. Also available are titles from prior months including “Black History”, “Women in Cinema” and “March Musical Madness”. Visit watch.troma.comfor more information and see the commercial for Troma Now on Troma Movie’s YouTube channel. Tom Seymour and Ken Powell’s hilarious promotion for their film, VHS MASSACRE  is available below, also on Troma Movies YouTube!