• Color
  • 2009
  • 300 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Travis Campbell, Evan Husney
Starring Lloyd Kaufman, James Gunn, Eli Roth

Legendary director Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of the Toxic Avenger, reveals 40 years worth of maverick cinematic know-how in Direct Your Own Damn Movie! Lloyd offers you the magic key to operating outside the film studio system as well as providing you with the roadmap to script writing, pre-production, casting, managing your set, post-production and the secrets of selling you movie! Along the way, enjoy the stories and trade secrets of the best-known award-winning directors, producers and actors. Whether you are a filmmaker or just enjoy watching movies, Direct Your Own Damn Movie 4-Disc DVD Box-Set will be invaluable to you!
Featuring interviews with: Stan Lee, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dario Argento, Ernest Dickerson, Eli Roth, William Lustig, Penelope Spheeris, Stuart Gordon, James Gunn, Mick Garris, Monte Hellman, Joe Dante, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Jenna Fischer, and many more!