The 18th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

Special Guest Appearance by Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team February 12-14th, 2016

Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of, The Toxic Avenger, will be appearing live at the 18th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention alongside his cast and crew of mutants and Super-Tromettes, including The Toxic Avenger  himself, it was announced today by Troy Timpel, founder of the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention and of Villain Arts.  Tattoo lovers and Troma fans will have the opportunity to meet Lloyd Kaufman in person with the added bonus of free photo-ops, free signed copies of posters, film stills, and DVD or Blu-Ray copies of Troma movies. Mr. Kaufman is unique among celebrities you never head of because he does not charge for signatures or photo-ops! Other merchandise available at the Troma booth will be Troma T-shirts, stickers, toys and backpacks.

Lloyd Kaufman (center) with his creation, monster-hero,The Toxic Avenger

The raunchy and intoxicated Troma Movies icon Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D.will also appear and will be hosting a live taping of his smash hit variety-show series, Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner. Guests to be interviewed on theFebruary 12th Philadelphia episode include the sarcastic and shocking California punk band Guttermouth as well as creator and director of Honky Holocaust, Paul Michael McAlarney. Honky Holocaust, which is set to be released on the Troma Now channel on February 1st as part of Troma’s celebration of Black History Month, will be screening on Friday night at the Tattoo convention and attendees will have an opportunity to meet McAlarney and his crew at the Troma booth.
Among other Tromatic entertainment will be Troma and horror-themed tattoo contests, an appearance by the brilliantly talented animator Emily Youcis and, of course, a slew of delightful and sexy Tromettes who will be selling merchandise taking photos with fans.
The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is brought to you by Villain Arts. The convention is one of the largest national tattoo expos in the country and the event includes artists from around the world, a variety of sideshow performances including burlesque, human suspension as well as appearances by celebrities from the tattoo community.