• Color
  • 1973
  • 82 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Theodore Gershuny
Starring George Shannon, Mary Woronov, Lynn Lowry, Monique Van Vooren

SUGAR COOKIES features an all star cast including Mary Woronov who has acted in over twenty films including the successful EATING RAOUL, DEATHRACE 2000, NIGHT OF THE COMET and TERRORVISION. In addition to Ms. Woronov, Monique Van Vooren is featured. An internationally known film star, Ms. Van Vooren acted in Andy Warhol’s FRANKENSTEIN, and countless movies. She has appeared in hundreds of television shows and numerous Broadway theatrical productions. Most recently, she has written a best selling novel. The third star is Lynn Lowry who has appeared in THE CAT PEOPLE and the BATTLE OF LOVE’S RETURN.
Welcome to the world of wealth and privilege…where everyone lives life in the fast lane! Meet the beautiful people…at their most thrilling and dangerous sex game. A producer and her lover join forces to find an innocent young acting student and bizarre experiment transform her into the exact replica of a dead movie star. SUGAR COOKIES is filled with the mystery of an Alfred Hitchcock classic. It has the mystery and action of PRIZZI’S HONOR and the sensuality of EMMANUELLE. SUGAR COOKIES is directed by Theodore Gershuny and Oliver Stone, as Associate Producer.