That Ain’t Orange Juice at The Tropicana! It’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH Vol. 1

RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH Vol. 1 scoring with a Royal Flush of Screenings in Atlantic City December 13 and 14!

In celebration of Troma’s 40th Anniversary the Troma Team has been invited to Bizarre AC for two exclusive screenings of RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL 1.  The screenings will be held on Friday December 13th at 8pm and on Saturday December 14th at 5pm followed by a Toxie-riffic Q & A with stars Vito Trigo, Asta Parades, Catie Corcoran, and Producer Justin Martell. The Troma team will be there ALL WEEKEND so stop by the Troma booth as the Weird, the Odd, and The Bizarre take over the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City!

Electronic press kit for “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Vol. 1“:

Theatrical trailer for “Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Vol. 1“: