16th Annual Tromadance Film Festival After-Party Announced July 25, at The Paper Box NYC

Troma Entertainment announced it’s TromaDance 2015 after-party lineup today with the release of an official event poster. The infamous TromaDance afterparty, hailed as “The weirdest and best show Williamsburg has seen in a long while,” features a thrilling performance from four NYC-native bands: Unicorn Smack, The Sweet Things, Bootblacks and Gowanus Mutant Kommandos . The afterparty, scheduled to begin at 10pm on July 25th, is primed to be the most exciting celebration in the festival’s 16 year history.

Unicorn Smack, a band that “is all about fun. And BJs.” was recently featured in the premiere episode of Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner.

Unicorn Smack is a needle in the arm of pop radio

The Drunkin’ Rock n’ Roll of The Sweet Things.

Click here to enjoy “Cocaine Asslicker Blues” by The Sweet Things

The Brooklyn based, post punk Bootblacks

See “Voices” by Bootblacks

Gowanus Mutant Kommandos, pictured here, will headline the after-party. For more info and merchandise, visit their band page.