Troma Launches Occupy Cannes Insider Access Page Via to Keep Supporters Updated

The Troma Team is launching an Occupy Cannes Insider Access blog on Chill, featuring exclusive content on the making of the documentary about independent film and media consolidation.

The Occupy Cannes team invites all Troma fans, Occupy Cannes Supporters, lovers of independent film, and believers in free expression and art, to join us at and spread the word. Check out the exclusive Occupy Cannes trailer HERE!

The Troma Team will regularly update with new content, bringing fans behind the scenes and offering supporters a chance to interact with the Occupy Cannes team. Supporters will see exclusive clips from the making of the movie, meet the stars of the film, learn about equipment and technique and get key tips on post-production straight from the Occupy Cannes Team.  Insider Access will also be a place where supporters can join the discussion and offer their thoughts on independent film and media consolidation.

The key to Troma Entertainment’s 40 years of success as America’s oldest independent film company is staying close to its fans. ¬†Thanks to 400 generous fans who donated on Indiegogo, the Troma Team was able to go to Cannes to shoot much of the Occupy Cannes. Now we are launching the Occupy Cannes blog on Chill to keep our fans close and updated as we finish the film.

The Occupy Cannes Team, Troma Entertainment and Chill are bringing art to the people at!