Two World Premieres coming to Troma Now in January


Plus 11 New and Classic Troma Titles and 4 explosive new short films!

Only Available to Subscribers on Troma Now

What rock star Andrew W.K. thought would be a fun-packed adventure in an animal preserve turned into a dark, disturbing, surreal and hilarious journey of chaos and unbelievable action! With a mysterious past filled with rumors of his being a manufactured creation, and even that there is more than one Andrew W.K, could this trip to the zoo be the next chapter in the Andrew W.K. mysteries?

“This was no ordinary safari…this was supposed to be a party safari!” “You won’t believe your senses!”

A deep, psychological journey into the minds of a Rock Star and animals

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12 Slays of Christmas” to be released on Troma Now

Surprise Holiday Mid-Month World Premiere

This Christmas-themed horror anthology was produced by Tony Newton (Gridnsploitation 1 & 2)

 Click here for the trailer for “12 Slays of Christmas”!

Only Available to Subscribers on 

Troma Now

The “12 Slays of Christmas” is a new horror anthology for 2016. This seasonal 

horror anthology features a collection of Christmas themed horror short films!
A Christmas horror anthology, 12 of the world’s leading indie horror directors bring 
you twelve twisted tales of terror with a yuletide twist. 
“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me One Hatchet, One Bullet and 
a Body Bag!” Troma and Body Bag Films brings this sensational seasonal Christmas 
horror feature.
Produced by Tony Newton producer of “Grindsploitation: The Movie”, 
“Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels”, VHS LIVES: A Schlockumentary and 60 
Seconds to Die. The film features an onslaught of indie horror film talent, this film is 
the latest and greatest in Christmas-themed horror! 
If you think the worse thing about Christmas is the smell of your grandparents after 
Brussels sprouts or having the obligatory family row, you are very wrong! 
The 12 Slays of Christmas is a dark horror anthology. This Christmas, Santa has 
something very sinister in his sack for you! Grab a mince pie and prepare the egg nog, 
as it may be your last! Just like a puppy, “The 12 Slays of Christmas” is not just for 
Christmas, but can be enjoyed all year long, perfect for Halloween, Easter and 
Thanksgiving too!
Troma Now features Troma classics, as well as World Premiere’s and exclusive video 
content for subscribers! 

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Florida Sighting of The Troma Team

The Troma Team will be appearing at Spooky Empire, in Orlando Dec. 2-4, 2016 and
Paradise City Comic Con in Fort Lauderdale, Dec.9-11, 2016!!
with an appearance by Lloyd Kaufman for TWO Tromarrific Cons in Florida!
The Toxic Avenger and Lloyd Kaufman, (who will be signing autographs and posing for photos FOR FREE!!!! at this year’s Paradise City Comic Con!) are coming to Tromatize the most endowed, “family-friendly” theme-park peninsula in the USA with their unholy, unwholesome antics and Tromarrific spirit of independent art!!
The first of the Christmas Season conventions, Spooky Empire, which is held December 2-4th in Orlando, Florida, where Jimmy Wright of Architects of Fear will be appearing. The Troma booth is a fan favorite every year, and The Toxic Avenger will be there to mop up scumbags, as well as the World Famous Super Tromettes!
The following weekend Troma will be representing on the Souther tip of Florida, just a few hours south of Orlando, Paradise City Comic Con in Fort Lauderdale, Dec. 9-11, 2016! Lloyd Kaufman will be appearing at Paradise City Comic Con to sign autographs and pose for photos for FREE!!!

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The Huffington Post features China essay by Lloyd Kaufman

It’s Not Me, It’s You: My Break Up With China 
written by Lloyd Kaufman, (with Taylor Sprow)

The current atrocities committed at the hands of the Chinese government are unacceptable and I find myself unable to look past them for the sake of my dream: to make a movie in China.”– Lloyd Kaufman

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like an independent filmmaker scorned.” 
-William Congreve (sort of)
Ni hau ma from Tromaville!
Fuck you, China, and the Han Dynasty horse you rode in on! You have double-crossed me!
In our vastly interconnected world of quick clicks and instant communication, thinking globally is pretty much the only option. In a second you can be connected with someone on the other side of the planet. Here at Troma, we are well aware of what it means to function on a global scale. Without our fans from all over the world, we would not have been able to survive 42 years so far in this elitist hellmouth we call the film industry.

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Newsflash: Rome News Tribune

“A number of the write-in votes were for entities that could not serve if elected, such as My Gun, Homey D Clown, Queen Elizabeth II and Toxic Avenger.”


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Money Making World Premiere Movies from Troma Entertainment, Inc Available to the International Market



November 2, 2016, Los Angeles, CA – Greetings from Tromaville!

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Money Making World Premiere Movies from Troma Entertainment, Inc Available to the International Market


November 2, 2016, Los Angeles, CA – Greetings from Tromaville!
Troma Entertainment, Inc., 42 year old NYC independent film studio, would like to offer their most recent list of TROMA World Premiere Movies produced in 2016, now available for the International Market!
Lloyd Kaufman, creator of  The Toxic Avenger  and prexy of Troma Entertainment Inc, will be attending AFM to represent Troma’s 2016 World Premiere Movies, which are still available for worldwide distribution. Along with our exciting new films, Troma also has a list of over 100 legendary titles, available in the link provided here, through Thursday, November 3, 2016.
Also, coming soon from Troma Entertainment, Inc., is the finale of director Lloyd Kaufman’s two-volume,  tour-de-force event film, which is titled,  Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2. The movie is both the fifth chapter in 30 year old Class of Nuke ‘Em High franchise and the immediate sequel to Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1, which was premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City!  See more updates about Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2 at the foot of this e-mail, or visit the webpage for Volumes 1 & 2 here !
Please contact for any further licensing inquiries, press materials or distribution updates, and check your mailbox regularly for new World Premiere Movie titles available from Troma Entertainment, Inc.
 Lloyd Kaufman (pictured above), campaign manager forThe Toxic Avenger,  explains why his      e-mails are too hilarious to be deleted!

World Premiere Movies from Troma Entertainment, 2016-2017


Grindsploitation: The Movie
Starring P.J Soles, Lloyd Kaufman, Sadie Katz, Shawn C. phillips
Anthology Horror Short/Trailer Film Reel

Produced by Tony Newton, 2016

Grindsploitation:The movie is the latest filmmaking collection from troma entertainment, featuring horror and exploitation cinema inspired film reel of back to back faux movie trailers, short films and “banned Scenes” with a dedicated artistic intention to recreate an authentic 1970’s theatre experience.
The two hours of underground horror and hardcore highlight reels were created by a diverse and current selection of new directors in independent cinema.Troma Entertainment almuni included in Newton’s Anthology is an Annum Films Trilogy , from Brandon Bassham, director of Feartown, USA and The Slashening and an Introduction from Lloyd Kaufman.


Director Paul M. McAlarney’s Futuristic and controversial horror-prophecy of an American Race-War. Ungovernable Films, Boston, MA.
Through practical effects, informed low-budget filmmaking techniques and unapologetic social commentary Honky Holocaust both pays tribute to and without irony presents itself as exploitation cinema. Lust charged graphic nudity, fully resolved images of your worst nightmares and more than a bit of A Clockwork Orange ultra-violence. The story and the visual narrative of Honky Holocaust comes with an anarchist message through the history of hate and violence by imagining what could be when we refuse to uphold any dishonest mainstream portrayal of racism meant to defer discomfort. Honky Holocaust was produced and directed in Boston by Ungovernable Films, director Paul M. McAlarney’s film operation with the mission to “Take Motion Pictures Back By Force”.
Ungovernable Films takes the position that the only thing more dangerous than bigotry is political correctness and the collective takes influence from all corners of exploitation cinema to create movies that fearlessly demonstrate their radical social critique on the modern condition.
Directed by Joel Rabjins and Yves Sondermeier, Beglium 
Director Joel Rabjins and Yves Sondermeier’s surreal sci-fi coming-of-age tragedy about Luuk, a human born, pre-teen mutant living placenta. The Thingy is a dark portrayal of a young and sensitive lifeform attempting to understand his God-given circumstances in a brutal world that rejects Luuk and traumatizes the placenta-child physically and morally for his grotesque and misunderstood “other-ness”. As The Thingy presses on within the cruel conditions of a society that bullies and alienates him we see the manifestation of traumatic stress in the empathetic creature that is forced into a realization of the dark pathology of human motivation from both those who reject him and those who exploit him to amuse their needs.


Starring Marco Antonio Andolfi, Alessandro Bianchi and Giovanni De Giorgi
Directed by Alberto Genovese
Italian Language/English Subtitles

Interstellar Sock-Puppet Sci-Fi, 35 MM with CGI

In an unspecified year in the future, the Captain Pixws and his space-pirate crew are foreced to deliver tanning showers to every corner of the universe. The  starship,Dolcezza Extrema, shot on 35 mm film using a greenscreen to incorporate psychedelic, futuristic visual effects that take sock-puppetry into a mind-blowing state of the art galactic-cinema!


From Annum Films, New York, NY
Director Brandon Bassham’s party-slasher comedy takes place on the fictional St. Blevins Day at a mountain house weekend celebration in the named of debauchery.
Amidst all the jokes, jocks, jizz and jams, the shamelessly entitled sex-seeking singles become victims of a holiday massacre when a redneck menace comes to crush more than their fragile egos if an evil curse doesn’t destroy them first.
Feartown, U.S.A.  imbibes the gory and sexy conceits of 80’s sleaze with a modern comedic dialogue to deliver a new form in horror movies.
Directed by Brandon Bassham.  ANNUM FILMS, NYC
Director Brandon Bassham’s psycho-stalker comedy murder movie preys on a group of longtime friends who reunite for a “girls-night-only” sleepover, only to inevitably reveal their personal betrayal to each other during a game of truth or dare.
The spoof on a chick flick takes a sick twist when a night stalker begins to further eviscerate their sham sisterhood and enforce poetic justice with a stab in the back.
Directed by Jay Summers, Radiograph Pictures
Revenge of the Spacemen descends onto earth in a flying saucer, to the disbelief of a few witnesses that spot the outer-space craft. Unable to convince other backwater locals that what they saw was more than an intoxicated hallucination, the witnesses embark on a mission to find proof of the extraterrestrial invasion. When the gang turns up a couple of missing backwater cretins who recount their tales of anal-probed alien abduction (compounded with a seriously out of this world case of gas), townspeople finally start to BELIEVE. The noxious gases go from unbelievable to unbearable, and it takes a boozy backyard standoff to eradicate the extraterrestrial BDSM terror!
Directed by Thomas Edward Seymour and Ken Powell
Director Thomas Edward Seymour and Kenneth Powell’s Award-Winning New York City based documentary that investigates the decline of analog media in home movie distribution platforms.  VHS Massacre explores the genesis of VHS through it’s death rattle with a uniquely Generation X point of view in its fondness for video tape consumerism and open-minded attempt to make sense of the effects of digital streaming and sharing on both the audiences and the artists.
Directed by Stephen Lange, creator of Junkbucket 
from seattle director Stephen lange. Lange’s exploitation of both visual and narrative horror uses a horror of taboos and references universal and ancient archetypes from the darkest circle on mankind’s subconscious.
Junk bonds: The Return of Junkbucket will continue to sever and gnaw piece of mind long after you finally get around to putting away the junk.
Directed by Greg DeLiso, Starring Peter Litvin
From Munrovia Pictures, Detroit
Greg DeLiso and Peter Litvin’s black and white pulp comedy centered on the story of a knife wielding backstreet vigilante called “Hectic” through a period of self-realization that follows the emergence of a new local villain, the “Piggly Doctor” that DeLiso’s new anti-hero must resolve before certain Apocalypse!
Directed by Kansas Bowling
Starring Kato Kaelin, Rodney “The Mayor of Sunset Strip” Bingenheimer, Parker Love Bowling
BC Butcher  was shot on 16 mm film in Kansas bowling’s backyard in Topanga canon California when the director was only 17 years old.
“The first pre-historic slasher movie” is a campy cave-sploitation southern California new wave in horror comedy. The story follows a beast of mythic lore on his quest for bloodlust and lovesick psycho revenge warpath unleashed onto a tribe of spatting cavewomen.
Starring Kato Kaelin as an ambiguously gay and philandering cave fop, a cameo from Rodney Bingenheimer and a performance by rock-n-roll California quartet “The Ugly Kids”, BC Butcher  is a superlative story set within the cinematic spirit of Troma Tradition.
Fear of the Light
By Jose Victor Fuentes
Dark Horror Thriller 
Spanish Language, English Subtitles
Tahísa and Paula live on a small island surrounded by mysteries with those who have learned to live together. His quiet routine crumbles the day she breaks into their lives Ico, a journalist who investigates the phenomenon of light Mafasca.


f55d0544-2645-43ba-aa95-b5547d679a64Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2, Directed by Lloyd Kaufman!


Catherine Corcoran (left) and Asta Paredes (right), stars of  Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2,coming soon for theatrical release from Troma Entertainment.  Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 was described by The New York Times as, ” Powered by ribald bursts of bad taste and bodily fluids… The overall effect is [sic] joyous”
Here is a link to the smash hit and part one of the  Return to Nuke ‘Em High series, which premiered at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City!
Please see the exclusive, uncensored, Director’s Cut Teaser, just released for the movie here:
Find more information and promotional photos/art on Volume 2’s FaceBook page:
New Official Troma  Toxic Avenger  Merchandise, including enamel pins, glow in the dark Troma Universe T-Shirts, Skateboard decks and original Toxic Avenger portraits (by West Coast artist Skinner -below) are available for licensing along with the movies. To see more merchandise and movies available for sale from Troma Entertainment visit www,


‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ Troma online at and!
‘Subscribe’ to  Tromamovies YouTube Channel for hundreds of full length films, cartoons and shorts!

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“Lloyd Kaufman’s Fucked Up Deep Cuts!”

Brutal and Arousing Movies from the Secret Stash of  Troma’s President! November on Troma Now!


Banana Motherfucker, directed by Pedro Florêncio and Fernando Alle will slaughter your senses with freaky phallic frenzy!! 


World Premiere of Fear of the Light Directed by  Jose Victor Fuentes


An eerie still to set the supernatural terrors that unfurl in Fear of the Light! World Premiere Title available only on
World Premiere Movies, 10 Classic Titles and Featured Exclusive Content Only Available to Subscribers on Troma Now
“Lloyd Kaufman’s Fucked Up Deep Cuts!” is the theme of the month on Troma Now in  November with  extra special access to new World Premiere Movie,  Fear of  the Light,  plus  10 Troma  titles from deep within the vaults of  the  library! Bonus hot slices  of  subscriber-only, insider exclusive  short  content will also be featured! Troma Now presents World-Premiere Movies,  uncensored and commercial free  streaming plus first look  access  to exclusive  content for subscribers for only $4.99 a month, with the first  month   FREE!!!, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman,  prexy  of T roma  Entertainment and creator of  The Toxic Avenger.
You would be a turd to miss out on Crapter 3 of Tales from the Crapper: The Miniseries Available only to Subscribers on Troma Now!
This month’s World Premiere Movie,  Fear of the Light   is a spooky, bone- chilling, Spanish-speaking  ghost-story directed by Jose Peter Fuentes that takes  place in the Canary Islands. The ten other supernatural sinister feature-length  selections available in November on Troma Now include, Angel Negro, Symphony in Blood Red, Tsumugi (Pink Egia), Attack of the Tromaggot, Open 24/7, The Hanging Woman, Weekend, Loony in the Woods and Necronos.
Anyone who is a true fan of adventures in filmed entertainment will love, love, love Troma Now,” says Lloyd  Kaufman, “You won’t believe your senses and they won’t believe you!!”
Lloyd Kaufman’s behind the scenes video from “Festivalito De La Palma” in the Canary Islands! 
The trademark insider content uploaded this month to Troma Now includes a heady stash of short movie and special features including Banana Motherfucker, (from the director of soon to be released Troma Movie Mutant Blast)!!!!  On the lineup for ” Lloyd Kaufman’s Fucked Up Deep Cuts ” is also a cartoon from Ghost Tank, Sushi Surprise and  Killer Bra, Crapter 3 of the newly revamped  Tales from the Crapper and for fans and   stalkers of Uncle Lloydie, a special Behind the Scenes video from Lloyd Kaufman’s  on set  work at the 2016 Festivalito de la Palma in the Canary Islands.
Subscribe to for only $4.99/month


Banana Motherfucker is not to be missed on Troma Now in November!

To subscribe to   Troma Now   for only $4.99 a month, with a one month free trial to begin your membership you can visit   The  commercial   for June’s World Premieres on Troma Now is available on the Troma Movie’s YouTube page, or click the link here!!

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Tromaween Theatrical Weekend From New York to Los Angeles!

Lloyd Kaufman, Guest at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con!


Lloyd Kaufman (left) and Stan Lee (right) have known each other for 50 years, and have collaborated on many scripts and projects!

Halloween, Oct. 31st Screening of Samuel L. Jackson’s First Movie, Def By Temptation  on 35mm at The Metrograph In New York City Presented By Rony Clayton!


The Metrograph in Manhattan will host a Halloween screening of Samuel L. Jackson’s First Film, Def by Temptation on 35mm
Dedicated to the Memory of Bill Nunn


Bill Nunn, Star of Def By Temptation. October 20, 1953-September 24, 2016

But Wait! There’s More! Troma Movie Screenings all  Tromaween Weekend, 2016!



Hectic Knife, Grand Rapids, MI. 
$5 at the Door
UICA- 8:00 PM
2 Fulton St. W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Meet Filmmaker Greg DeLiso and Producer/Star of Hectic Knife Peter Litvin at the Grand Rapids Premiere of Hectic Knife! 
See Troma’s latest hilarious World Premiere on the big screen and stay for a Q & A with the filmmakers!

10a91cfb-6c88-40c0-a21c-1bf67655f8daSaturday, October 29th
2:00PM-3:20 PM
Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con
LA Convention Center Screening Room 411
Poultrygeist screening with cast and crew, including a panel with  Lloyd Kaufman, Gabe Friedman, Andy Deemer, Allison Sereboff, Caleb Emerson, Rose Ghavami, and more!

Stan Lee’s LACC Programming Schedule Available Here!

electric-apricotSunday, October 30th
10:30AM-12:00 PM
Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con
LA Convention Center
Screening Room 403 A
From legendary Primus bassist Les Claypool comes
Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo,
a spoof about jam bands old in the style of
This is Spinal Tap. 
Q & A and appearance with star and producer Jason McHugh!
Both Troma Movie’s screenings held at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con will be moderated by Troma Team West Coast Braintrust Megan Silver and Marcus Loesser!
ALSO Screening on Sunday, October 30th in Washington D.C.:
0aea3d11-5ea7-4b9f-9d41-596410977b73Sunday, October 30th
B.C. Butcher, Washington D.C.
1:30 PM- FREE!!!
Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library
1630 7th St NW,
Washington, DC 20001
 Kansas Bowling’s pre-historic hit, retro-slasher B.C. Butcher  will be shown  alongside Stranglehold for a FREE Halloween Double-Feature Matinee presented by ColorLab.
724a8bc4-cf91-4ed2-a25e-56a265096a28Def By Temptation
35 MM  Print Screening!
Introduced by Rony Clayton
Monday, October 31st 9:00 PM
$15 Tickets
The Metrograph Theatre
No. 7 Ludlow St.
New York, NY

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