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Troma Entertainment proudly presents Vincent Turturro’s critically acclaimed dark comedy, “VICTOR GOODVIEW” on it’s premium streaming service, Troma Now .  WATCH: Victor Goodview Trailer
“Shit happens…if you’re lucky.”
In the Yonkers ghetto – on the outskirts of New York City – aimless white-boy-millennial Victor finds himself without a job and short on the utility bill. To make matters more…uncomfortable, he hasn’t had a bowel movement in longer than he can remember. Victor seeks solace by making friends of dubious character, smoking crack of dubious quality, and pursuing women of dubious intent. As Victor readies himself for his desperately needed dead-end job interview, the consequences of his lifestyle catch up with him.
“Victor Goodview” can only be seen on Troma Now on August 1st!
“Victor Goodview reads and watches like an anxiety dream on steroids. It is druggy, bitter, and full of pain, but also awkwardly hopeful…Recommended for the intellectual horror fan who is looking for something to break up their regular viewing timetable.” -Thomas Burns Scully, PopDust
“Victor Goodview takes a societally uncomfortable topic and explores it through the window of dark comedy and humor. Nothing is glamorized. Nothing is sugarcoated. It’s real and it’s in your face every minute that it’s on your screen. Looking for something that’s going to offer some laughs while challenging to scrutinize an American epidemic? You’ll definitely need to check this out.” –
“Unflinching, disturbing, and refreshingly un-Hollywood. It makes The Florida Project look like a Disney movie.” –

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Lloyd Kaufman Takes Short Hiatus from #Shakespeares Shitstorm Production to Attend San Diego Comic Con

Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment will be attending 2018’s San Diego Comic Con as a “special guest”, July 19th – 21st, Booth 4017! Kaufman will be joined by the two time Hugo Award finalist, Dr. Chuck Tingle, July 20th – 21st and Troma’s own Toxie for the entire convention!

Meet the creator of Toxie himself, Lloyd Kaufman at Booth 4017 and as always, Lloyd will be signing autographs and taking pictures with convention attendees for FREE!

Two time Hugo Award finalist Dr. Chuck Tingle is an erotic author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster (almost black belt) from Billings, Montana. After receiving his PhD at DeVry University in holistic massage, Chuck found himself fascinated by all things sensual, leading to his creation of the “tingler”, a story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without eliciting a sharp tingle down the spine.
Meet Dr. Chuck Tingle at the Troma Booth 4017, July 20th – 21st!
Chuck’s hobbies include backpacking, checkers and sport.  He is also a prominent flavor rights activist and the creator of the non-profit advocacy group, Allow All Flavors. Chuck is also the editor of the real news site Buttbart.
TROMERCH such as the highly popular Alex Pardee Toxie T-shirt, Skinner T-shirt, I Heart the Monster Hero shirt, Toxie patches, and Troma’s newest Blu-ray releases The Middle FingerHectic Knife and Essex Spacebin will be TROMABUNDANT!

San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

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9th Annual All Free TromaDance Film Festival Scheduled for Fall 2018 due to filming of “Shakespeare’s Shitstorm”

“Due to the filming of our next feature film, ‘Shakespeare’s Shitstorm’ the 19th Annual TromaDance Film Festival will be held this Fall. A little later than usual, but rest assured, TromaDance 19 is happening! Please continue to submit your feature films and shorts! The tentative submissions deadline is September 30th! Submit your films to [email protected]!” stated Lloyd Kaufman.
Troma Entertainment, the longest running truly independent film company, has announced that the 19th Annual All Free TromaDance Film Festival will held this Fall. The festival will continue to accept submissions through September 30th. – it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.
Submit to TromaDance here:
Venue and Date TBA
Film, Art, Music, Panels! TromaDance Submissions Deadline extended to September 30th!
Lloyd Kaufman with Super Tromette Mandy Kat and star of Naked Sister, Iona at the 
17th Annual TromaDance
About TromaDance:
The Tromadance Film Festival is now in its 19th year and was first developed by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger. South Park co-creator Trey Parker, whose debut film “Cannibal! The Musical” is distributed by Troma Entertainment, suggested the idea for Tromadance to Kaufman in 1999. Kaufman felt that the Sundance Film Festival, and similar exclusive big wig festivals, had become too “Hollywood” by charging high entry fees, showing multimillion-dollar “independent” movies, and practicing an elitist structure and film selection process. Parker urged Kaufman to create his own festival -the direct independent opposite of Sundance – that would be free to enter and attend, focusing on independently produced films made without the Hollywood system. From 1999 – 2010 Tromadance operated concurrently alongside the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and acted as a true independent alternative to Sundance’s mainstream offerings.
Lloyd Kaufman with Trey Parker and Matt Stone at TromaDance Film Festival
Unlike every other film festival, Tromadance does not charge filmmakers to submit their work and entrance to all screenings and panels are free to the public. There are no VIP reservations or preferential treatment regarding Tromadance’s films or filmmaking panels. The organizers of Tromadance believe films are meant to be seen, especially the work of emerging filmmakers. Art – in all its forms – is for everyone. Tromadance is the first film festival of the people, for the people, and by the people!
After 2010, Tromadance expanded to multiple locations across the country in order to spread the TROMAtic word of truly independent art. The festival has been held in Detroit, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.
James Gunn’s LolliloveHuman Centipede, and Anna Biller’s Viva 
all were TromaDance Premieres/Discoveries!
Filmmakers can submit their films through here: TromaDance Submissions

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Troma Now , Troma Entertainment’s exclusive premium World Premiere content streaming service, gets JUICY for JULY with the WORLD PREMIERES of the sexy comedy, “PORKING MANDY” and the stoner horror comedy, “POT ZOMBIES 2”  plus so much more!  All available this July on Watch.Troma.Com

Troma Now proudly presents “PORKING MANDY” a SEXY COMEDY!


When the prom queen is dumped by her recently out of the closet boyfriend, Mandy Rogers forfeits her crown and opts to attend the anti-prom party, where all of the losers of her high school will be. Amongst all of the losers attending is her childhood sweetheart, Josh Cotton, a helpless nerd, Milton Bradley, a jock, Roy, a fat kid, Chubby, a clown, a magician, and a troll.
Directors: Jeremy Cordy
Also on Troma Now this July is
POT ZOMBIES 2  Synopsis:
Marijuana smokers turn into zombies with the “munchies” for human flesh when a strain of radioactive pot infects the stoners of America. A hilarious warning sign of what may come from the legalization craze sweeping the nation.
Director: Justin Powers
Stars: Andy Arrasmith, Jayson Atz, Aaron Barker
Also on Troma Now this JULY:

Bacon Head,  Sexy Workout (18+),  Horror of the Humungus Hungan,  Seduction of a Nerd,  Slaughter Party,  Video Vixens,  The Secret of the Magic Mushroom, Unspeakable,  Captain Kidd, and  Witchcraft 9!
Troma Now subscribers are able to see these and many more films at

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Troma Movies Presents: THE INSEMINETTE The Highly Anticipated, Controversial Bachelorette Parody!

Troma Entertainment has premiered “The Inseminette” on their YouTube Channel, Troma Movies. This TROMATIC Bachelorette Parody sketch was written by Rebecca Blaine Carton and Liliana Tandon and directed by Lily-Hayes Kaufman.  Watch here:

Ever wonder what it would look like to set a tv show inside a vagina? Well…look no further! Comedienne Rebecca Blaine Carton shines some light on your downstairs in “The Inseminette,” the latest sketch in her series Irritable Becca Syndrome! Watch it on the Troma Movies YouTube channel, today! 

“The Inseminette,” a sticky parody of ABC’s The Bachelorette, features a cast of eligible sperm all vying for the affection of their one true love – a woman in an egg suit! This fluid packed drama plays out inside a uterus the moments following successful….insemination. Brought forth from the nethers of Rebecca Blaine Carton with Liliana Tandon and directed by Lily-Hayes Kaufman – watch, laugh, cringe and share this latest sketch with everyone you love, hate, or think could just use some more vag in their life! And after that, if you need more, please visit the Irritable Becca Syndrome YouTube channel to see other episodes and show your support by subscribing to the channel. 
You can follow the series on the following social media platforms: 
Contribute to Irritable Becca’s Patreon page:

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Choked Out by the Digital Content Gatekeepers

Troma Entertainment and many more 
Independent Filmmakers are being 
“Choked Out by the Digital Content Gatekeepers”
an essay by Lloyd Kaufman
by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment, Inc.
(contributions by Hayden McComas and Levi White)
If you ran a business that saw revenues decline by 88% over the course of the past two years, you’d likely make the logical assumption that the business was dying and that it was probably time to think about trying something else to attract new customers. But, what if that very same business actually had a 65% increase in customer traffic over the same time period. At that point you’d probably have to assume you were being robbed blind. Well, this is exactly what is happening to Troma Entertainment and myriad other small content providers who are trying to monetize their content via YouTube and other platforms.
“Choked Out by the Digital Content Gatekeepers”
Put another way, even as Troma’s online viewership increased substantially (from q4 2015 to q4 2017 views increased from 5.23 million to over 13 million), the revenue generated from this traffic dropped to almost nothing (see fig 1.1). In Q4 of 2015,”Electra Love”, a typical title distributed by Troma, was viewed 475,000 times and received $913.00. In Q4 2017, the same “Electra Love” was viewed 301,000 times and received exactly $1.20. Another Troma title, “Vegas High Stakes”, which has over 20.7 million views to date has only received $111.66 across its entire lifetime on Troma Movies (Jul 26, 2012 – current). Yet there is literally nothing that Troma or any of the thousands of other smaller content providers can do to stop this vicious strangulation happening while staring helplessly into the red and whites of the eyes of their common assailant.
YouTube, hiding behind the mysterious veil of a computer controlled process claims there is no set dollar amount that applies to the views of monetized programming. Rather, the revenue associated with each view fluctuates in direct proportion with the amount of advertising displayed alongside any clip. And this is where the dreaded YouTube “algorithm” comes into play. Every posted title is analyzed by “the algorithm”. And in the case of Troma and many other content creators, their postings are automatically flagged as “age restricted” or “not suitable for most advertisers”, essentially relegating the content in question to the purgatory where revenue goes to die. As recently as last week, Troma posted its own love letter to the Cannes film festival entitled “Festivals to Fascism” which garnered thousands of hits within hours of being released only to be summarily banned as inappropriate, essentially rendering it worthless from an ad revenue generating standpoint.
Troma is not alone though. There are multiple examples of inconsistency across the application of these standards of decency which seem to make egregious exceptions depending on the size of the creator. In 2017, hours after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured 500 others, YouTube uber creator Casey Neistat (7.9m subscribers) posted a video to raise money for the victims through a GoFundMe page. YouTube promptly flagged the video “not suitable for most advertisers” and blocked Mr. Neistat from running ads on the video. The very same day, Jimmy Kimmel posted a video about the exact same mass shooting and there seemed to be no restriction to advertising being attached (see fig 1.2)
CNN and ABC were also allowed to run ads on videos that were posted about these shootings that day, all very similar in content to the video posted by Mr. Neistat with the notable exception that the revenues were not going to the victims but directly into the silk lined pockets of Madison Avenue.
Lest it seem as though YouTube is the only offender in this war against the independent content creator, it should be noted that other online content gatekeepers like Amazon are deploying their own strategies for limiting the ways in which independent content reaches the mainstream.
Recently Blumhouse Pictures reported that numerous independent horror directors received emails from the internet behemoth stating that “Amazon will no longer allow titles containing persistent or graphic sexual or violent acts, gratuitous nudity and/or erotic themes (‘adult content’) to be offered as ‘Included with Prime’ or ‘Free with Pre-Roll Ad”. However, a quick search of Amazon Prime movies currently available reveals such titles as “Irreversible” (Lionsgate), “Bound” (Paramount), “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (Paramount), and “American Honey” (A24) all of which contain large helpings of ‘adult content’ as defined by Amazon above. Yet small independent movies such as “Science Team”, “Invalid”, “My Bloody Banjo”, and “Harvest Lake” are all subject to removal unless the filmmakers excise the purportedly offensive content from their films. In many ways, this feels more sinister and physiologically damaging than simply removing or rejecting the films, having the filmmakers themselves neuter their own children. A chilling and horrific fate, indeed.

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Troma Opens a Cannes of Worms

Releases “From Festival to Fascism” on YouTube

Troma Entertainment, the world’s longest running independent film studio, has released “From Festival to Fascism,” a short documentary detailing the company’s troubling experience at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.  it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger. 

Watch “From Festival to Fascism” on

Troma and Lloyd Kaufman have been a colorful and legendary participant at the Cannes Film Festival since 1971. But, as the 2018 Cannes Film Festival rolls on, Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment recall their not-so welcome visit to Cannes last year with “From Festival to Fascism” on their YouTube channel,
“I wasn’t kidding when I said, I will never go back to Fascist Cannes Film Festival. The once legitimate, pro-independent arts festival that embraced free speech and artistic expression has become just another tool for government elites, mega media conglomerates and the ‘coteries of the favored’ to dominate the art world and stomp/police out true independent art.” stated Lloyd Kaufman. “They must have learned this from the Sundance Film Festival!”


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Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s exclusive premium World Premiere content streaming service, causes massive Tro-MAY-hem with the WORLD PREMIERES of horror anthology, “GRINDSPLOITATION 4: MELTSPLOITATION” and Dustin Ferguson’s direct sequel to “The Legend of Boggy Creek”, “THE LEGACY OF BOGGY CREEK” plus so much more! All available this May on Watch.Troma.Com! – it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

Grindsploitation 4 is the nastiest Grindsploitation ever! More SHOCKING, more GORE, more BLOOD! Killer faux grindhouse film trailers, Melt Movies and Short Films pay homage to the video nasty era of films!
Directors: Dustin Ferguson, Jason Figgis, John Brennan, Salem Kapsaski, Tony Newton, Moses and more!!
Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Kyle Rappaport, Hetty Baynes, Peter Stickles, Norman Deesing, Lee Mark Jones, and more!
Watch Grindsploitation 4: MELTSPLOITATION HERE

Since 1972 he has stalked the countryside…watching and waiting! The creature known as the “skunkape” has been sighted several times over the last few decades and this all-new docudrama chronicles the events that began after the original Fouke, Arkansas attacks. Through various interviews, re-enactments and newly discovered footage you will be presented some incredible evidence, making it impossible to deny his existence.
Bloodline Video calls ‘The Legacy of Boggy Creek’ “…a weird throwback film that has lots of charm”. Directed in the REAL mid-western locations of the sightings by cult-filmmaker Dustin Ferguson (Nemesis 5, Sleepaway Camp 4) comes a satiric, worthy modern-day continuation of the original famous legend.
Includes exclusive, special introduction by the Director!
Director: Dustin Ferguson
Stars: Tara Hinkle, Kim Moser, Jennii Caroline and Karis Yanike
Narration by Bob McGraw
Also on Troma Now this May:

Shadows Run Black, Demented Death Farm Massacre, Produce Your Own Damn Movie! Volume 1, Produce Your Own Damn Movie! Volume 2, Witchcraft 8: Salem’s Ghost, Suddenly, Whore Hospital, Emperor Of The Bronx, The Bang Bang Kid, Mayhem, Make Your Own Damn Videogame! and Sell Your Own Damn Videogame!

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Lloyd Kaufman brings the Muscles to Brussels

Performs 48-hour split to promote the Belgium Premiere of
April 14th, 21:30
“I was honored when BIFFF elected me as President of the Jury! I was then dishonored when my fellow judges rebelled against my push to award “Volume 2”with the grand prize. Their insubordination has forced me to use alternative methods in my campaign to give myself an award.
With over 50 years of experience in the filmmaking industry, I know there is only one way to promote a movie in Brussels; a 48-hour Jean Claude Van Damme-esque split in Mini-Europe. Sure I could do the regular morning TV and Radio circuit, but when has Troma ever been known for doing anything by the book? Watch me stretch these glorious gams across the mini Belgium landmark before the Belgium Premiere of my latest film, Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High aka Volume 2 at BIFFF on Saturday, April 14th, 21:30!” stated Lloyd Kaufman.
Lloyd Kaufman will be attending BIFFF – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival along with Toxie and more April 14th for the Belgium Premiere of “Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High aka Volume 2”!     BIFFF | April 14th | 21:30

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