Monica Rae Autummn – Troma Entertainment’s Tromette of the Month December 2011

Monica Rae Autumn is a Chicago native focused on modeling, writing, and events.  She has also ventured out into modeling for various clothing companies, bands and independent film companies; as well as an involvement in television. Her primary area of interest revolves around horror, but is not limited to that genre. She’s been a Troma fan for several years and has met Lloyd Kaufman twice.  Monica has been featured as a Scream Queen in numerous publications, primarily for her horror-centric modeling but is already expanding into the world of film. She will be featured in the film “Devil in My Ride” which also cast Sid Haig (Capt. Spaulding) as a cast member.  Monica loves Troma for it’s “gore, unique concepts, shock and mind-blowing elements”.  She spends her free time attending metal/punk shows, working on music and reading about zombies and world domination. Hopefully you will catch Monica in an upcoming Troma flick.

You can follow Monica Rae Autumn on Facebook or Twitter for more updates.!/MonicaRaeAutumn