Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson’s terrifying look into the future, THE TAINT, hit stores as a Troma 2-Disc BluRay/DVD combo pack! The release also features a director’s commentary, cast commentary, deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes slideshow, and a plethora or Tromatic extras!  Order from the TROMA SHOP or AMAZON.COM!

The water is tainted. “The Taint” poisons the minds of men. It turns them into raging misogynists: monsters who want nothing more than to kill women. When society is transformed into a land of sadistic violence and horrible brutality, it is up to Phil O’Ginny and his female friend, Misandra, to combat the horrible evil that is “The Taint.” THE TAINT is an intellectual experience. It is a violent and misogynistic film about violence, misogyny, and entertainment. It features sadistic violence, gratuitous content, and scenes of spellbinding dramatic interest. Troma President Lloyd Kaufman recently put it succinctly and accurately when he said that THE TAINT “contains more zombies with exploding penises than any other movie ever.”

“…a film experience I will never forget…one of the most inanely funny films I’ve seen this year.”

– Ain’t It Cool News 

“Horror flicks are a dime a dozen, but THE TAINT seems to

examine the genre with a postmodern wink.”

– A.V Club

“…approaches a kind of brilliance in suggesting that a society which glorifies violence against women is doomed to one big bummer of a sausage party.”

– Fangoria

“Trashy. Filthy. Irredeemable. Disgusting.

Shocking. Reprehensible.”

– Dread Central

“…curiously smart and amazingly fortunate to succeed

in virtually everything it attempts.”

– DVD Talk

“You’ll like it, though you’ll hate yourself for doing so.”

– DVD Verdict


Order from the TROMA SHOP or AMAZON.COM!