My name is **** ******. We met at the Prince Charles Cinema in London for the Fathers Day premiere. You might remember I came from Ireland! You gave me your business card, and I bought ‘All the Love you Cannes’.  I wanted to drop you a line to say hello, show my support for Troma, tell you about the film I’m making and let you know what I’m up to!

I’m making a documentary at the moment and the spirit of Troma is running through it; and before you even think, it doesn’t have anything got to do with bare breasts, or cat-girls in heat and it doesn’t include a Super-hero from New Jersey unfortunately! …but I do love the Monster!

It’s a documentary film about a rally-car driver preparing for a competition, and the aftermath of his performance minus the boobs and mondo violence. I got some public art funding to help me make it and a tidy little production team that I hope will be of good assistance. It’s called ‘Fast Eddie’ www.facebook/fasteddiefilm.

Your books and DVDs (which I purchased through Amazon!)  have helped me (and many others) build confidence in my filmmaking pursuit. I won’t bore you with an ass-licking rant so I will cut straight to the point: Troma Rocks!  I’ll never forget the moment when I suddenly witnessed Poultrygeist turning into a musical, and I searched for years to find the Toxic Avenger after seeing the artwork in some magazine way back when VHS ruled the day! –  I’m glad I found Troma and I am glad Troma exists.

I guess I just wanted this letter to show support in the Troma movement and I’m gonna keep plugging Troma over here in Ireland! All my friends know about Troma because I show them the books and the DVD’s!

Its great that you have put up a lot of your movie library on youtube. I hope this gains more decent exposure for ye.

Hopefully we get a chance to meet again someday – maybe I could interview you… again! (I’ve never been to New York! – I have an uncle in Manhattan who visits Ireland every year!), Also the best of luck to the Troma Team with the Class of Nukem High Remake; I know it will be a hit!  And you probably won’t get to see this letter until after you have made it! and say hello to Michael Herz!

God Bless, Ill be staying tuned to Troma!







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