Bring a date and celebrate Valentines at the Sunshine with the midnight premiere of Troma/Astron-6’s Father’s Day on February 10.  We guarantee you’ll never look at a priest the same way again!  Hosted by Father’s Day producer, creator of The Toxic Avenger and President of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman, this ecumenical splatterfest with a dollop of patricide promises to make The Exorcist look like Bambi.  A perfect date movie!

Variety calls Father’s Day “a gleefully tasteless quasi-grindhouse nasty that’s funnier than most of the many such parodic cheesefests that have been created since, well, Grindhouse!” Ain’t it Cool News adds “Father’s Day is over the top, tasteless, senseless, and completely hilarious.”

The gritty, gruesome, grindhouse Father’s Day follows that classic story we all grew up with: boy watches father murdered, boy grows into a vengeful one-eyed man, man teams up with a priest and a male prostitute to take down his father’s killer.  With good reason, Father’s Day won Best Film, Most Original Film, Best Kills, and Best Poster at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and has been invited to other prestigious festivals all over the world. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Sunshine Cinema is located at 143 East Houston   Street, New York.  Father’s Day starts at 12 AM on the night of Friday, February 10th, with another screening on February 11th.

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