Lock up your fathers! Troma Entertainment and Astron 6’s latest production, Father’s Day, is finally coming to theaters this February. The film will premiere on February 10, 2012  in New York at Sunshine Cinema.  Followed by it’s LA premiere on February 24th at Nuart Theatre.

The gritty, gruesome, grindhouse, Father’s Day, follows the classic hero mythos; boy watches father murdered, boy grows into a vengeful one eyed man, man teams up with a priest and a male prostitute to take down his father’s killer. Step aside Homer. The Canadian filmmaking team, Astron-6, are truly part of the new generation of film makers that embody the spirit of Troma Entertainment and carry on it’s lasting legacy.

Recently, Father’s Day was screened at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival where it won a number of audience choice awards including Best Film, Most Original Film, Best Kills, and Best Poster.

“Winnipeg collective Astron-6’s first feature, Father’s Day, is a gleefully tasteless quasi-grindhouse nasty that’s funnier than most of the many such parodic cheesefests that have been created since, well, Grindhouse.”  Variety
“Makes Hobo With a Shotgun feel mainstream.”  Bloody Disgusting
“Father’s Day should not be missed”  Ain’t It Cool News
“Gratuitous, hilarious and fearless — Father’s Day is my new favourite Troma movie!”  Rue Morgue Magazine

After the movie’s New York premiere, Father’s Day will be released in selected cinemas in all North American Markets.