Troma Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the release of Phillip Gunn and David Valdez’s KLOWN KAMP MASSACRE, THE ASTRON-6 COLLECTION, Adam Deyoe & Eric Gosselin’s PSYCHO SLEEPOVER, and Matthew Reel’s JESSICKA RABID.  Four great titles from Troma out on December 13th, 2011. That’s today!

Filmmaking team Astron-6 is behind Troma’s recent release, FATHER’S DAY, which took home the Audience Choice award for Best Picture at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.  They have received accolades from directors such as John Waters, Charles Band, David Hess, Uwe Boll, and Troma’s own Lloyd Kaufman, here are reviews for Troma’s other releases:

“Klown Kamp Massacre takes the best things about 80’s slasher movies and sticks a red nose and floppy shoes on them.”  Film Bizarro

“[Psycho Sleepover] is actually quite funny and well made.”  Synergy Magazine

“[Jessicka Rabid] Captured the retro feel more successfully than Tarantino & Rodriguez with their much-hyped GRINDHOUSE!”  Gorezone Magazine

Pick up these great new Troma releases today at  and where ever DVDs are sold!