Lloyd Kaufman will be honored at Barcelona’s HorrorVision Spanish Horror-Trash Festival as guest of honor on December 2nd and 3rd at Espai Jove Les Basses, Camprodon, 22.  Kaufman is known as the Don Quixote of underground film making, only instead of tilting at windmills wearing a suit of armor, he is often tilting due to vodka, wearing women’s underwear.

HorrorVision has created a unique Troma seminar during which Kaufman, as well as his alter-ego, The Toxic Avenger, will answer questions, both professional and very intimate. The festival will also make available Troma merchandise including DVDs, tee shirts and posters, all of which Kaufman will sign free of charge.

In addition, the festival will be screening the iconic Troma classic Class of Nuke’Em High. Even more significant will be the European premiere of the truly beyond belief, The Taint. The Taint was discovered at the 2011 Tromadance Film Festival and represents the next generation of the Troma School of film making. There will also be a Tromette contest.  Tromettes are Gyno-Spanish in small clothing with big …brains.

The Horror Vision Festival will be held December 2nd and 3rd. Visit the Horror Vision website for more information and directions: http://www.laoscuraceremonia.com/horrorvision/.