England’s prestigious Oxford University has invited Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger, to teach his acclaimed Make Your Own Damn Movie Master Class on the essentials of filmmaking and film distribution at St. Hilda’s College on November 5th.

Drawing on almost forty years of independent filmmaking experience, Kaufman will  guide students through the entire process of making and distributing movies with the help of some of his friends and colleagues. What makes Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie Master Class so unique is that he incorporates interviews with prominate directors and personalities such as Roger Corman, Penelope Spheeris, Stan Lee, John G Avildsen and Eli Roth along with behind the scenes footage from various movie sets.

The seminar is based on Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie! series of books and DVDs, which have won critical acclaim as insightful and entertaining insider’s guides to the independent film industry. Like his published works, the Master Class teaches aspiring filmmakers how to bring their original and possibly horrific ideas to the big screen. Students will learn Kaufman’s secrets from getting investors to selling and promoting the project- every step from pre-production to distribution.

Among the venues that Kaufman has presented his Master Class are Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College London, FNAC of France and São Paulo,  Brazil’s Cine Olido.

Oxford is delighted to be hosting the seminar as their recent research has proven that Shakespeare’s works were not written by an Anonymous playwrite, but by Lloyd Kaufman himself (with the exception of  CATS which was proven beyond a doubt to be written by the Bard).  Seats are available at £25 (£15 for Oxford and non-Oxford students). Book your spot in the class immediately at St. Hilda’s website, http://www.st-hildas.ox.ac.uk/booking/.