Motörhead’s Latest Hit, “Outlaw,” Featured in Upcoming Troma Film, Mr. Bricks!

“MR. BRICKS is a maniacal metal ride from start to finish, a truly innovative musical that fires on all headbanging cylinders. You MUST see this film!” – Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead

Troma Entertainment’s latest film, MR. BRICKS: A HEAVY METAL MURDER MUSICAL, thanks to Lemmy Kilmister’s Troma love, will feature Motörhead’s latest metal anthem, “Outlaw.”  “Outlaw” was recently released on the band’s most recent album, The World is Yours (2010, Future PLC/Motörhead Music). Motörhead is the legendary English rock band formed in 1975 by bassist, singer and songwriter Ian (Lemmy) Fraser Kilmister, often considered one of the earliest members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The band is ranked number 26 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. MR. BRICKS will be coming to theaters this fall.

Lemmy Kilmister’s relationship with Troma dates  back  to 1995,  when Lemmy was a featured actor in Tromeo and Juliet (directed by Lloyd  Kaufman and written by James  Gunn).   Lemmy also freely supplied the hit song “Sacrifice” for the film. Lemmy has also acted in Troma’s Terror Firmer and Citizen  Toxie:  The Toxic Avenger Part IV.  In  2010, Troma produced a tribute to  Lemmy for all his hard work and dedi-cation to independent cinema and the Troma Team. This tribute was shown at The Canadian NXNW Festival.  Mr. Bricks, directed by Travis Campbell and produced by Justin Martell, is a musical the likes of which have never been seen.  MR. BRICKS: A HEAVY METAL MURDER MUSICAL introduces tattooed muscleman Tim Dax as Mr. Bricks, an ex-con left for dead in an empty New York City warehouse. Rocked by headaches caused by the bullet lodged in his brain, he pieces together memories – the barrel of a gun…his girl’s scream…and eventually, the face of the dirty cop (Vito Trigo, Dark Windows)  who pulled the trigger!  All he wants is to find his missing girl, Scarlet (Troma discovery Nicola Fiore, Ms. Cannibal Holocaust, Game Over), and vows to kill anyone that gets in his way.  Love is murder in this bloody tale of lust, desire and revenge. Like G. G. Allin meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show,  MR. BRICKS will knock you out of your seat with nine head-banging musical numbers.