Troma Presents Poultrygeist” is now out on Epic Game Store and Xbox

The game is a spiritual sequel to Troma’s 2006 fast food takedown “Poultrygeist: Night of The Living Chicken.”

The goal of the game is to create the same radical environmentalism and social consciousness wrapped in hilarious stories told using fantastic and totally original visuals that Troma is known for.
Chickens have become a part of the discussion about what to do with our lawns and that is where the game focuses. Lawn care is a shockingly massive source of carbon emissions, air pollution, and noise pollution while on the other side of the argument, it is a bit ridiculous to be so ecofriendly to go as far as to own a suburban chicken.
The game is aTriple A Visual Novel and Detective Game. The player will have the chance to explore a city full of fantasy, comedy, lore, and relation to collect all the information needed to solve rising rage gripping the city.
The game was animated and created by Mike Fallek and studio Big Weasel Lil Weasel using totally original assets, over 15 up and coming and well known independent actors and comedians from all over the U.S including Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, and an original score from the New Jersey’s own Underground Punk Rock scene.
“Troma Presents Poultrygeist” is now available on Xbox and Epic Game Store with Steam version to come soon.