TA in 4K MOPS UP at Thirty Alamo Drafthouse Venues Nationwide!!


Lloyd Kaufman’s iconic Toxic Avenger in fabulous 4K premiered on August 4th to Alamo Drafthouse theatres full of Troma superfans and hundreds of new converts.

From Brooklyn to Los Angeles, from Houston to Minneapolis – all over the country, enthusiastic audiences were thrilled and amazed by this brand new version of the most beloved film in Troma’s vast library.

What better way to launch public awareness of the newly remastered TA in 4K blu ray and UHD eight disc set, which becomes available on September 19th! Pre-order is available now through this link.

The digital remastering of all four Toxic Avenger films is a prelude to the all-new AI generated 4K version of the COMPLETE Toxic Crusaders cartoon series, which will be available in six months. In addition, nostalgic fans can anticipate Retroware’s brand new, action-packed Toxic Crusaders beat ’em up video game to be released in 2024. Demo and exclusive game-play footage available on Steam. Add it to your Wishlist today!

The TA in 4K Box Set also comes as suggested viewing for those looking to brush up on their Toxie lore in anticipation of Legendary’s contemporary reimagining of Troma’s beloved monster hero, premiering September 21st at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

All of these milestones are just the beginning of what is sure to be the greatest year in Troma’s history – our 50th anniversary.