Troma Tuesdays Kicks Off February Freakout With Benjamin Meade’s BAZAAR BIZARRE, Detailing the Life and Times of Serial Killer, Bob Berdella! Learn The Shocking Truth Behind The Man Known as “The Kansas City Butcher

9PM on Feb. 4th at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NYC!

“…It is a hybrid of experience and knowledge. We are taken to places and then given pause.”- Dread Central 

“Too irreverent, lurid and expressionistic to qualify as journalism, yet too serious to be dismissed as mere exploitation.”- Robert W. Butler, Kansas City Star


Directed by Benjamin Meade

In 1988, Chris Bryson was found running down a Kansas City street naked, beaten, and bloody wearing nothing but a dog collar and a leash. He told police about Bob Berdella, a local businessman and how Berdella had captured him, held him hostage, raped him, tortured him, and photographed him over several days. Police later arrested Berdella and searched his midtown Kansas City home where they found several hundred polaroid photographs, a detailed torture log, envelopes of human teeth and a human skull…

Troma Tuesdays has branched its weekly program that we continue to curate in New York into other countries to create a unique universal experience to be had with independent cinema around the world every Tuesday. 

Fans can see BAZAAR BIZARREon at 9PM on February 4th for ONLY $5 at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NYC at 9:00 PM!