Troma’s #FanTOXIC Tale of Southern Fried Justice, Ellie, Seeks Rustic Revenge on November 19th at 9PM in NYC & Toronto!

Sultry Star Sheila Kennedy (The First Turn On!, Penthouse Pet of the Year) Will be Appearing in Person for Q&A!

Troma Tuesdays is proud to present a special screening of 1984’s Ellie, Troma’s #Toxic tale of country fried justice, at 9:00 PM on November 19th Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NYC and The Grand Gerrard Theatre in Toronto, CAN!

“A steamy Southern gothic which incorporates the best elements of Hamlet, Tennessee Williams, I Spit on Your Grave, and Hee-Haw, 1984’s daring, country-music-infested Ellie is a nail-biting exposé of the travails of a vivacious, innocent country girl forced to rely upon her wits and cunning…”
– Jeff Kuykendall, Midnight Only

The Troma Team is proud to present Ellie, a sexy, dark, backwoods romp that hits you like a shot of moonshine After witnessing her father’s death at the hands of her stepmother (Shelley Winters, The Poseidon Adventure, Delta Force), step-uncle (Edward Albert, The Man in the Iron Mask, Mind Games) and her three brothers-in-law, young Ellie (Penthouse Pet of the Year, Sheila Kennedy, who also stars in Troma’s The First Turn-On!) decides to take their lives in exchange for her innocence. In order to lure her perverted brothers into her deadly traps, she must first offer her young, sexy body as bait. Can the sex-starved brothers resist the nubile Ellie, or will they fall prey to her murderous charms? Tipping a hat to such cinema classics as I Spit on Your Grave, Deliverance and Troma’s Lust for Freedom, Ellie tells a distilled tale of rustic revenge and country fried justice!

Actress and Model Sheila Kennedy was the December 1981 Penthouse Pet of the Month and the 1983 Pet of the Year.

Kennedy moved into the Penthouse Mansion in New York at the age of 18. She lived there for 10 years and after her appearances in Penthouse magazine as the December 1981 Pet of the Month and later as the 1983 Pet of the Year, Kennedy began an acting career. She appeared mostly in low-budget sex comedies, such as The First Turn-On!Spring Break, and Ellie, starring alongside Academy Award winner Shelley Winters. Kennedy also appeared briefly in the opening scene of National Lampoon’s European Vacation as a game show prize model.

In the spring of 2008, Kennedy was a houseguest on the U.S. reality show Big Brother 9. She came in 3rd Place and left the house on Day 77, after Ryan Quicksall won the final Head of Household competition and chose to evict her. Kennedy later cohosted House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show for Big Brother 10 on Wednesdays.

Kennedy completed a memoir titled “No One’s Pet” about her time living at the Penthouse Mansion and her relationship with publisher and magazine founder Bob Guccione. The book is published by Jerrick Media and was released in February 2016.


Troma Tuesdays has branched its weekly program that we continue to curate in New York into other countries to create a unique universal experience to be had with independent cinema around the world every Tuesday. We will be screening weekly in Toronto, Canada in partnership with The Grand Gerrard Theatre while screening at various locations around New York.

Fans can see Ellie for ONLY $5 on Tuesday, November 19th at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NY and The Grand Gerrard Theatre in Toronto, Canada (Donations Appreciated!), with both screenings commencing at 9:00 PM!