Troma Tuesdays In Brooklyn, NY and Toronto, CA Now Showing ‘The Taint’ on May 14th at 9 PM with Director Q&A!

Compared to this, the people in Flint, Michigan have it easy!

Water replenishes us, provides oxygen and gives us life… but this new batch is causing the deaths of women everywhere! When a tainted water supply turns men into misogynistic, women-killing psychopaths, it’s up to Phil, a man untainted by the water, and Misandra, a badass misogynist-killer to castrate an entire horde of dangerous men and find out what’s caused the water to become tainted!

Director Drew Bolduc presents a brutal but mostly hilarious horror comedy unlike anything Troma has ever released before! With a killer 80’s style soundtrack, seamless CGI and outrageously over the top violence, THE TAINT is a tall drink you’ll want to have! The director himself will be in attendance at the Film Noir Cinema along with other guests to answer questions about the making of this film!

Troma Tuesday screenings are continuing in Brooklyn’s Film Noir Cinema and Toronto’s Grand Gerrard Theatre! Film Noir admission is only $5, Grand Gerrard Theatre admission is free, and both showings start at 9 PM!