Troma Tuesdays In Toronto, CA Now Showing ‘Gutboy: A Badtime Story’ on May 7th at 9 PM!

The best marionette movie since the one by the guys that made Cannibal the Musical!

Goot was once a regular man with beautiful skin… until an evil capitalist bought it for only three dollars, leaving Goot without his skin or dignity! Robbed of his livelihood, Goot meets a mermaid in a chance encounter, and she wants revenge. Together, they team up to prank the corrupt forces of law, order and the free market… to DEATH!

Director Nick Grant presents a “badtime” story like no other with this original and gorgeous film, told entirely through the art of puppetry with beautifully designed marionettes and hand painted sets that transport the viewer to another world!

Troma Tuesday screenings are continuing in Toronto’s Grand Gerrard Theatre! Admission is FREE, and every showing starts at 9 PM!