International Troma Tuesdays In Brooklyn & Toronto Now Showing “Story of a Junkie” on April 9th at 9 PM!

Forget Trainspotting and Requiem For a Dream; this is the real deal. Put this in your Big Apple and smoke it!

He’s no plumber, but he’s pushing down on a plunger, alright! When Gringo emigrates from Los Angeles to the Big Apple, he searches for his family and a life of fortune and fame. Unfortunately, he finds nothing but misery and addiction as he’s pulled into a world of heroin junkies.

This movie has been hailed by many as one of the best films Troma has ever released, and continues to have a cult following thirty years after its release. A documentary more insightful than any movie about drugs can attempt to be, ‘Story of a Junkie’ is one of the most ultimate anti-drug films that will leave any viewer (un)comfortably numb.

Troma Tuesday screenings are continuing in Brooklyn’s Film Noir Cinema, and now the Grand Gerrard Theatre in Toronto, Canada! Every screening now starts at 9 PM, and admission is completely FREE!