Troma Now Channel Breaks the Internet With April Premiere Releases!

Troma Entertainment continues to disrupt the media and has now broken the internet with new premiere movies on their streaming service, Troma Now! Hulu and Netflix continue to shake in their overpriced boots as Troma Now proves a small price (it only costs $4.99 a month, and the first month is free!) and true filmmaking passion go a long way!

Troma Now consistently adds new content every month, ranging from full-length films to miniseries episodes and even animated shorts! Some new additions to the service include:

TICKET HOLDERS- two workers at a movie theater pass the time talking about everything movies to avoid the real world outside. Filmed in the style of Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks,’ this movie is perfect for any cineasts (watch the film to find out what that means)!

PORTAL MAN- a multi-dimension traveling flick that centers on an agent that has to kill the same man through different parallel universes until the tables turn on him! Better and funnier than Looper!

HOMICIDE McLEOD- a hard boiled detective tries to rescue his father from aliens and stop a drug kingpin from peddling a super addictive drug in this over the top parody of serious cop dramas!

MOVIES TO WATCH ON A RAINY AFTERNOON- Addison Binek’s series provides insightful critiques on various Troma classics and what makes each one of them perfect to watch on a rainy day!

FULL DISCLOSURE- this two-part short film focuses on a soldier who reveals some dark, troubling secrets while being debriefed after returning from a Secret Space program!

Troma Now also regularly releases video tips on low budget filmmaking from Lloyd Kaufman himself and various filmmakers that have released their masterpieces through Troma!
With a library of over 500 movies and shows, Troma Now is the streaming service for all lovers and supporters of independent cinema!