Lucky 13 Saloon Screens Grindsploitation 666 for Free Troma Tuesdays on March 19th!

Grindhouse theaters became defunct in the 80’s. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino revived your love for them in 2007. Now visionary Tony Newton brings viewers something even better…

Tired of mainstream movies that play it safe? Tony Newton has you covered. ‘Grindsploitation 666’ is the latest addition to the Grindsploitation saga, and centers around topics that involve witchcraft, demons, devils and Satanic rituals, all portrayed in over the top, hilarious and mind-numbingly shocking ways!

A collection of 22 short films, ‘Grindsploitation 666’ is the brainchild of UK director Tony Newton, who reached out to filmmakers from all over the world for short films and faux trailers that capture the heart, spirit and love for the Grindhouse era!¬†

Lucky 13 Saloon
644 Sackett Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11217