Lucky 13 Saloon Screens The Hanging Woman for Troma Tuesdays on March 12th!

Scotland’s got some of the best foods: haggis, bangers and mash, and… human flesh?!

When a man travels to Scotland to claim an inheritance left by his deceased uncle, he finds the mad scientist that’s made a home for himself in the basement has been doing some strange experiments with an even stranger assistant… and now these experiments are craving human meat.
Released in 1973, this film was also known as “Orgy of the Dead,” with plot points and moments reminiscent of Re-Animator and Frankenstein that would have any horror fan screaming in terror! Any squeamish attendees will have to repeat It can’t be true… it can’t be true to keep themselves from fainting!

Lucky 13 Saloon
644 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217