Lucky 13 Saloon Screens Troma’s PRO WRESTLERS vs ZOMBIES, with Live Music, Special Wrestling Guests and Director Q&A on Thursday, March 7th!

They may be dead, but they’re definitely going to feel a piledriver to the face from these angry wrestlers!

After a wrestler accidentally kills an opponent in the ring, the slain wrestler’s brother seeks revenge by giving up his soul to an ancient demon and subsequently gains the power to raise the undead! With an army of zombies behind him and vengeance on his mind, he books a private show at a prison and waits for his victims to fall into his death trap!

‘Pro Wrestlers VS Zombies’ is the wrestling fan’s dream movie, with stars Kurt Angle and the late, iconic Rowdy Roddy Piper kicking some zombie ass in fully uncut, gory glory! Underground wrestlers Casanova Valentine and The Blvd Bullies are hosting this insane screening, with director Cody Knotts in attendance for a special Q&A, as well as Sewage and other special guests performing live music after the film! For the low price of only $10, hardcore fans definitely can’t afford to miss this!

Lucky 13 Saloon
644 Sackett Street Brooklyn, NY 11217