Free Troma Tuesdays at Santa Salsa to Screen Citizen Toxie on January 22nd at 8 PM!

A Tale of Two Cities has nothing on this tale of two Toxies!

After averting a potential disaster at a local high school, Toxie finds himself in an alternate dimension where everyone’s personalities are the complete opposite, and the evil version of himself, named Noxie, is starting to wreak havoc in the beautiful town of Tromaville!

The crowning achievement of the Toxic Avenger saga, ‘Citizen Toxie’ perfectly blends action, gross out humor and a comic book style most superhero movies struggle to achieve! Featuring many Troma alums like James Gunn, Trent Haaga and more, this movie is proof that you can’t get anymore Troma than this!¬†

Attendees should also stay after the movie for an awesome DJ Afterparty at 10 PM, hosted by DJ Drew Redmond!

This Tuesday marks our last screening at Santa Salsa, so look out for our upcoming venues where we’ll be unearthing some more classics that haven’t been screened in years! Every screening starts at exactly 8 PM! We will also follow each show with a free DJ Afterparty by some of the best local dance and punk DJs!

Santa Salsa
234 Starr Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11237