Free Troma Tuesdays at Santa Salsa to Screen Astron 6’s ‘Father’s Day’ on January 8th at 8 PM!

Charles Kaufman made Troma fans shudder with “Mother’s Day,” and filmmaking collective Astron 6 took defiling parental holidays a step further with the insane “Father’s Day!”
When a string of horrific murders involving dads begin to affect a small town, a desperate priest enlists the help of Ahab, a one-eyed badass with a troubled past to take down the maniac who’s picking off the dad population one by one!  After making waves with Troma fans, “Father’s Day” has solidified itself as one of Troma’s most ambitious and iconic films. With its humor as black as Ahab’s eye patch and more brutal violence than “The Passion of the Christ,” this spectacle is one that has to be seen to be believed!  Attendees should also stay after the movie for an awesome DJ Afterparty at 10 PM, hosted by DJ Drew Redmond!
For the next two weeks we will be at Santa Salsa, where we’ll be unearthing some more classics that haven’t been screened in years! Every screening starts at exactly 8 PM! We will also follow each show with a free DJ Afterparty by some of the best local dance and punk DJs!


Santa Salsa
234 Starr Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11237